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15 Benefits / Advantages of Hangman (or Similar Word Games: Spaceman, Snowman,…)

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

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Who would have thought that a simple game of guessing letters to solve a secret word could impact us in so many ways? There are more benefits to playing Hangman than we realize. 

However, like most things in life, we can’t expect some of these benefits to be evident when we play Hangman once off. Instead, by incorporating a game of Hangman into your routine and playing the game consistently, you will see the positive effects and benefits. 

Let’s jump right into discovering the advantages and benefits of playing Hangman. Below are 15 to consider, although we are sure there could be more! 

15 benefits of playing Hangman (or similar word games) 

1. Hangman is entertaining. 

Hangman is a fun way to keep ourselves entertained. We’re all prone to playing games for hours on end. Often time passes by without us even realizing it. 

With many Hangman apps available, you can play with friends from around the world. Whether you are trying to pass a few hours or specifically find something educational and fun for the kids to play, Hangman is a fine choice. 

2. Hangman helps us improve our vocabulary. 

Unfortunately, many of us get stuck in the rut of using the exact words and phrases for just about everything in our lives. Think of a few responses you may have to general questions. How is the weather today? Nice. How does my hair look? Nice. How was that movie? Quite nice…

We’re prone to using similar words all the time. Why don’t you try to be more expressive? Want to get away from saying the same thing time and again? You need to work on your vocab! 

Playing word games can enrich your vocabulary and add an element of interest to your conversations. Hangman is a great word game for building up a vocabulary. 

You may even find that some of the word game apps out there offer many categories from which to choose. When you select a specific category, you don’t realize it, but you expand your language in that particular life and language category. Some apps will even provide you with definitions of words you’re learning within the app too.

3. Hangman motivates students in classrooms. 

Are you trying to motivate your students and engage them in lesson content? Games like Hangman encourage students and cause them to focus, thus giving you their full attention. Many word games are exciting and can involve everyone, so the next time a subject seems boring, give this game a shot. 

If the typical Hangman game doesn’t work for you, there are many variations out there to try. SpacemanThe Mouse and Cheese Game, and Snowman are such games, to name a few.

4. Hangman improves our spelling. 

Word games like Hangman can help people improve their spelling. 

We live in an age where auto-correct and predictive text is a necessity on all writing apps. Whether we’re taking notes on our phones, typing an email, or chatting, we’re not aware of the disservice this has caused our spelling when it comes to using pen and paper. 

Common spelling mistakes have become harder to overcome because automated spelling and grammar correction programs make us unaware that we are even making them. Playing games such as Hangman will help you keep your spelling in check.

5. Hangman enhances our pronunciation. 

Young children and those learning English as a foreign language need to know how to pronounce words. Students benefit when an educator asks them to repeat the word after guessing that word in a game of Hangman. We’ve all been through that “so that’s how you say it!” moment. 

With that being said, I don’t mean the difference in pronouncing potato or tomato. I mean, when you’re pronouncing picturesque as “picture-skew” instead of “picture-esk,” you’ve got a problem. Many word game apps provide the pronunciation of words, so you don’t have to sound like a clown.

6. Hangman cures boredom. 

Ever find yourself in a waiting room? Chances are, there are pens and papers nearby. If you’re with a buddy, this is an excellent way for you to kill time. Playing a game of Hangman certainly cures boredom, even if you’re waiting for food to arrive at your table. Serviettes are usable writing material. Perfect for a quick game of Hangman.

7. Hangman encourages quick thinking. 

Sometimes, when speaking, there’s always a word we are looking for that seems to have slipped our minds. Have you ever found yourself in that situation? 

Playing Hangman will stimulate your brain, causing you to think quickly. Some Hangman apps provide us with timed modes. In this timed mode, we are encouraged to think quickly and react with speed.

8. Hangman increases a child’s interest in reading and writing. 

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Reading and writing may seem boring for some people, but not when there’s a game involved. Introducing a classic game of Hangman allows reading and writing to be fun for children. 

A game of Hangman will promote an interest in reading and writing. Children can develop their reading and writing skills in this way. 

9. Hangman can help relieve stress and allow the mind to relax.  

Busy day at work? Why not step back and take a quick break. Play a game of Hangman and come back to your work. This engaging and enjoyable game can help you reduce stress. You’ll find out you’re more focused and energized. You’ll see things differently and may come up with the solution for which you are looking. It’s not the power of distraction; it’s the power of taking a break. 

10. Hangman helps children recognize word patterns. 

There are some learning strategies in which Hangman can assist us. When children are proficient in recognizing letters and associating sounds with those letters, activities such as Hangman will quickly solidify their ability to identify words and word patterns.

11. We can learn pattern-seeking skills by incorporating themes. 

Success in most things comes from recognizing a pattern. When we incorporate a theme into a game of Hangman, we can recognize patterns. We are then able to identify words before they come up in context. 

12. Word games can help enhance memory. 

Do you ever wish you could improve your memory? Our brain is capable of retaining a vast amount of information. Retrieving this information, on the other hand, is a different story. 

Several studies have found word games to sharpen both short- and long-term memory, helping us retrieve the information we’ve learned. So try to incorporate Hangman, alongside other word games, to improve your memory.

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13. Hangman helps us improve our focus and concentration. 

A game of Hangman is engaging, causing us to participate, increasing our concentration. Since Hangman is a basic game, it causes us to focus on one thing a one time – one word to be guessed, one letter at a time. We are then able to develop a laser-like focus, even when we’re not playing the game.

14. There is no feeling of losing in the game. 

A game of Hangman teaches us that mistakes are a part of the learning process. When we guess an incorrect letter, and even if we haven’t figured out the entire word, we don’t have a feeling of losing, but rather a sense of learning. 

It is important to remember that it is ok to make mistakes, especially when facing more complex tasks. We need to realize that mistakes are inevitable and part of the learning process. 

15. Customizing your Hangman game sparks creativity.  

You can customize your Hangman figure to make the game more fun. You can also choose words that are focused on themes that you like. You can change up rules and get your creative juices flowing. There are endless possibilities to how you can play a game of Hangman.

Final words 

We’ve discovered an array of benefits a game of Hangman provides us with, right from entertainment to getting creative. There’s no doubt you could improve your spelling and enhance your vocabulary by playing Hangman, so why not grab a pen and paper and play a few rounds with someone today!

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