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16 Benefits and Advantages of Playing Charades (the Game!)

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

friends laughing while looking at one of them during a charades game

If you are looking for a game that is both fun and entertaining, Charades is it. However, fun is not the only thing to be derived from playing Charades. There are many other benefits too. 

Charades is a game that was invented in France in the 18th Century, and that can be played by everyone. Since it was invented, it has certainly made its mark globally. The game involves participants being divided into two groups. One person is selected from each group to act out a word or scene without speaking or drawing/writing to their group. The rest of the team has to guess the word/name. The team that gets the most right guesses wins. 

Right now, you may be wondering ‘is the game of Charades really beneficial?’; I would say that it definitely is, but perhaps I am biased! As a Charades enthusiast, I need no extra convincing that the game offers great benefits. For those who need a little evidence and explanation with regards to the benefits of Charades, here are 16 advantages to expect when playing the game with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. 

16 benefits and advantages of playing Charades:

1. No equipment is required to play Charades.

Children with parents playing charades outdoors

You do not strictly need an official Charades game set to play Charades. You can make up your own words and phrases to be acted out. Buying a game set is often more convenient as it means everyone is on equal footing, and some of the words and phrases are quite fun. You can purchase a Charades game that includes cards with ideas on them for each team to act out and guess. If you shop around online, you will find various Charades themes available. There seems to be something for everyone! 

2. Charades is focused on fun and entertainment.

Charades is all about having fun – that seems to be the main focus of the game. The entire process of the game is about laughing, being silly, and focusing on keeping things light-hearted. This is why so many people play Charades at dinner parties, social gatherings, and even work events.

3. Playing Charades builds healthy, light-hearted competitiveness.

Competitiveness is important in both our personal and work lives, to a degree. Being competitive and knowing how to handle the urges and emotions that come with that competitiveness ensures that we are always trying our absolute best at all times. 

With that being said, Charades is not a game that inspires frustrated or aggressive competitiveness, but more evokes competition between two groups of people. The camaraderie that the game produces can be quite fun, and while it is lighthearted, participants benefit from a healthy dose of competitive feelings. 

running competition

4. Charades is a great ice breaker at social events.

It is difficult not to relax and unwind when you are in the thick of a game of Charades at a social event. By introducing a game of Charades to a crowd, you are providing a distraction from awkward silences and uncomfortable small talk. People naturally take a bit of time to warm up, relax, and just have fun. Parties and events that include a game or two of Charades find that attendees relax and feel more open to striking up a conversation with others. As such, it is a great ice breaker. 

5. Playing Charades improves bonding opportunities.

When you are laughing and having fun, you are more prone to bonding with those around you. If you feel uncomfortable or anxious, chances are that you will keep to yourself or remain reserved. Charades is designed to get you out of your comfort zone, but also to put you in a position to laugh, have fun, and ultimately bond with other people around you. 

6. Playing Charades enhances non-verbal communication skills.

You can only communicate non-verbally in a game of Charades. It might be difficult at first, but as you watch and learn how your team members use their bodies to communicate, you begin to get a better understanding of non-verbal communication. This can be quite beneficial to you in other areas of your life too. 

cartoons making gestures

7. Charades helps develop a better understanding of people.

You can learn a lot about a person by watching them in motion. By watching how someone laughs, gestures, and communicates, you can tell a bit more about them and have a better understanding of them in future communications. Playing Charades is all about watching your teammates and learning more about how they communicate non-verbally. 

8. Charades is excellent for team building.

Many people use Charades as team building exercises in the workplace. This is because teams must work together and listen to each other in order to guess the phrase or word that the player is acting out. While some members of the team may be better at reading non-verbal body language, others might struggle, and this is the perfect opportunity for teammates to help each other out and show solidarity. 

9. Playing Charades improves vocabulary.

With every new word acted out, players have the opportunity to learn a new word. This is particularly useful for young children still developing a vocab. The fact that the new word is being acted out in a fun way and is entertaining is bound to make the newfound knowledge stick. 

10. Playing Charades sparks creative thinking.

By eliminating our human go-to form of communication (talking), each player is forced to start thinking creatively. Thinking creatively can open up the mind and help people to think out of the box and innovatively in the future too. 

11. Charades promotes collaboration between individuals.

Team of business people playing charades in office 1

Without collaboration, a Charades team will not get ahead. Teammates need to work together to figure out the word. The better a group of people understand each other, the quicker the word will be figured out. This is one of the reasons why businesses like to use Charades for team building exercises. 

12. Charades shines a spotlight on sharing ideas and opinions.

When playing Charades, team members must take turns and listen to each other’s ideas and opinions in order to make educated, reasonable guesses. Playing Charades makes participants very aware of how they perceive others and just how receptive there are to their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

13. Playing Charades develops trust.

In order for a teammate to stand up and act out a word/phrase with no verbal communication used, it takes guts and trust. Teammates need to trust each other that they will have lighthearted fun, but that play will be supportive and good-natured. Being out of one’s comfort zone and receiving support from the team can help people with trust issues to develop more trust in people.

14. Everyone can play Charades – young and old.

Charades does not discriminate – everyone can get involved. Playing Charades is a great way to provide an educational environment in a school setting, but it is also used in corporate team building settings and at social gatherings. It seems that Charades is the game for everyone!

15. Playing Charades promotes rule-following.

Back view of children spending time outside and playing charades

If you are trying to teach life skills to children, a game or two of Charades can help. While Charades is fun and kids are guaranteed to want to play, the rules must be followed in order for everyone to have fun. People have to abide by the non-verbal communication queues, take turns, and listen to each other. Children that play Charades learn to have fun while playing by the rules.

16. Charades enhances social skills.

It is easy for someone to get over-excited while playing a game of Charades. Of course, the only way for the game to be any fun is if people respect each other, listen to each other, and communicate in an open, clear, and friendly manner. If you want to help your team enhance their social skills, Charades is a great place to start.

The Life Lesson of Charades

You probably had no idea that playing Charades came with so many benefits attached, did you? I was quite surprised myself, but now that I consider each of the abovementioned benefits, it is ever so obvious how the game can be so beneficial to players.

Charades teaches people about the intricacies of reading other people. This is something that is essential in all areas of life. If you want to enjoy these 16 benefits of playing Charades, there is only one thing to do! Get out your Charades cards, invite some family and friends over and start playing. 

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