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AI Policy

We believe that embracing new technological advances is crucial for societal progress, enabling us to move forward collectively. Throughout history, technological breakthroughs have played a pivotal role in human development.

In line with this perspective, we see the potential of AI as highly beneficial when employed judiciously, in suitable situations, and with a strong commitment to moral responsibility. Our primary objective has always been to provide great content, and we are optimistic that AI can contribute to bringing us closer to achieving that goal.

It is important to emphasize that our articles will consistently be crafted by humans, for humans. However, in situations where deemed appropriate, we will use AI to improve our content and streamline our workflow. Rest assured that the core ideas, messages, thoughts, and experiences will always originate from us.

Examples of how we may integrate AI include:

  • Using it as a starting point for research
  • As a writing assistant (for tasks such as typo identification, grammar and spelling checks, and providing suggestions).

In terms of visuals, there will be instances where we use AI to generate images that closely align with and represent the messages we aim to convey. Whenever AI-generated images are utilized, we will make sure to disclose this information.

As humans, we are both spiritual and physical beings, unlike machines and software, which are limited to the physical realm. Therefore, we believe humans won’t be replaced or take a back seat; on the contrary, AI will help enhance what it means to be human.

JC Franco

Lead Editor