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16 Reasons to Play the Game of Life on Your Next Gathering!

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

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If you have a party or gathering coming up and you are stuck for entertainment options, the Game of Life is a good choice. While the Game of Life is a board game, it is a fun and exciting way to pass the time. So why would it be a great option for a party or social gathering, you ask? There are many reasons, actually.

It can be tricky trying to find a form of entertainment for a party or social gathering that everyone wants to get involved in, but in my experience, the Game of Life has been a winner each and every time. Speaking from experience, I would like to share 16 reasons why Game of Life makes for such a great game to play at a social gathering. Let us take a look at each of them: 

Why Game of Life is a great game to play. Playing the Game of Life:

1. Is fun.

What better reason could you have for doing anything than fun? Playing Game of Life is spans of fun. It follows the intended cycle of life for humans, but it can go either way: good or bad. 

2. Encourages relaxation.

Nothing makes a group of people relax more than laughing, joking, talking, and focusing on a common project. If you want your social gathering to have a relaxed atmosphere, board games, such as Game of Life, are definitely recommended.  

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3. Takes the focus off having to make small talk. 

Have you ever arrived at a party or a social gathering and felt a bit awkward because you do not know anyone, and easy casual conversation just escapes you? Well, rest assured that you are not the only one. Other people are probably feeling the same. And that is why small talk exists. If you want to help your guests skip the small talk and get straight to easy conversation, Game of Life is the perfect game to play.

4. Provides an opportunity for bonding. 

When 2 or more people focus on a common project and are working towards the same goal, they tend to bond more easily. If you want your group to get closer and get to know each other better, playing board games like Game of Life is a great idea.

5. Enhances self-confidence and creativity.

When people gather to socialize, sometimes confidence can take a downward turn and creativity can dwindle. By playing a board game, you can help yourself and your guests to relax, unwind, gather confidence, and think on a more creative level. It is a great way to ensure everyone is feeling good and having fun. 

6. Fosters healthy competition, which makes for great entertainment.

Illustration of Female athletes ready for competition

Healthy competition is actually a lot of fun. Lighthearted rivalry is a great way to build deep and meaningful connections with other people too. It can be entertaining for those involved and those looking on. 

7. Is a group activity, so everyone can get involved in the game.

When you gather as a group, not everyone can have the same conversation. Generally, the group splits into smaller groups and pairs, and the crowd does not actually spend time all together. If you want to ensure that the whole group is engaging and getting involved in the same activity, a board game such as Game of Life is a good way to do that.

8. Reduces anxiety and stress.

Game of Life, like most board games, is a great way to dissolve anxiety and stress. I personally have struggled with social anxiety for my whole life, but I find that when I have something else to focus on, like a game, I feel less stressed and my anxious feelings melt away. If you or anyone who will be attending your social gathering has similar issues, perhaps presenting Game of Life to play is a way to help them feel more “at home” and at ease.

9. Releases endorphins, leaving everyone feeling great. 

It is a proven fact that when we play board games and are having fun, laughing, and engaging, the brain releases endorphins. These endorphins make us feel relaxed, at ease, and happy. Isn’t that exactly how you would like to feel while at a social gathering? Of course, it is!

10. Eliminates possible awkward gaps in conversation.

Yup, social gatherings offer the unique opportunity for awkward gaps in conversation. Have you ever been sailing through small talk with a group of new people you have met at a party and suddenly been at a loss for words? Felt awkward? Wanted to slink away? Well, when you have a game like Game of Life to play, there is little time for awkward conversation! Problem solved!

11. Distracts from possible over-drinking.

Group of friends playing a Strategic Board Game

When people gather to socialize, it is fairly normal for the beers to come out and the shooters to be passed around. To try and dull social anxiety and level up the fun, sometimes people go a bit overboard and drink too much too quickly. When playing Game of Life, the focus will be on the game. It will distract the general atmosphere from over-drinking, to actually focusing on having good, clean fun. 

12. Bridges the gap between young and old at the party.

If you are having a social gathering that includes both kids and adults, you will need to think of appropriate activities that interest all age groups. It is important to find some form of entertainment that both young and old are keen to participate in. Playing Game of Life is a great way to bridge the gap between the generations at the gathering as it is appropriate and fun for kids and adults. 

13. Creates memories to look back on. 

Playing Game of Life is undoubtedly fun. Those who play round after round with each other will definitely enjoy it. I must admit that some of my fondest memories are from sitting around the board game, having fun with my family and friends as a kid.

14. Is great for a rainy day event.

If you were planning an outdoor gathering and the weather is not playing along, you might want to think of activities to keep guests entertained while inside. Board games like Game of Life are a great alternative to outdoor entertainment options. It provides the perfect rainy day event entertainment. 

15. Brings people out of their shells and gets them interacting.

If you are shy or have shy guests coming to your party, you need to arrange opportunities to come out of your shell and socialize with other guests. Because games provide the opportunity to interact with people without a lot of focus on just one person, it is a great opportunity for people to come out of their shells, have fun, and interact in a relaxed manner. 

Friends play board games on the floor

16. Helps people to show a bit of their priorities and true personality.

The Game of Life can actually tell you a lot about someone. In fact, the choices that someone makes during the game and how seriously they seem to take the game can tell you where their priorities lie and what their true personality is like. If you are trying to get to know new people, this is a great starting point. 

All in all

If you have been looking for entertainment options worthy of your social gathering, Game of Life should appear on the top of your list of options. The game is designed to teach valuable life lessons, encourage better moral thinking, and also provide heaps of fun. It takes around an hour to complete – which is great because games without a definite end can seem daunting at a party.

Whether you are new to Game of Life or a veteran player like I am, rest assured that hauling it out at your next party or social event will not be a mistake. You will certainly not regret it. 

JC Franco

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