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17 Benefits / Advantages Of Playing Roblox (For Kids) – Educational, Social,…

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Created in the early 2000s and released in 2006, Roblox is a global gaming platform that is both a game development system and a gaming hub where users can design and develop their unique games and engage in social interaction by playing these games together. 

The benefits of playing Roblox include fostering creativity, teaching appropriate socialization skills, encouraging financial awareness and entrepreneurship, and urging users to employ critical thinking. Roblox is a stepping stone to coding and game design and offers free teaching resources. 

As one of the most popular games for children in the United States, parents may be wondering whether there are any advantages to allowing their children onto the Roblox platform. 

1. Encourages Creativity

The Roblox platform punts itself as an ‘Imagination Platform’ that combines the ability to create games with the fun of playing, meaning users can either develop their games or play the games others have already created. 

Developing games requires users to engage in creative thinking and allows them to see their unique games come to fruition – from hide-and-seek style games to role-playing games and first-person shooters; the only limit is your imagination.  

2. Fosters A Sense Of Community

Roblox promotes a sense of community and socialization with online players being able to interact, chat with each other as they play, and find ways to relate to each other across age groups, race, background, and nationality. The platform also hosts events for users to enjoy together, such as Easter egg hunts or awards ceremonies and concerts, promoting a sense of unity amongst players.

3. Roblox Is Safe For Children To Play

Although the Roblox platform is promoted for players age 10 and up, safety was prioritized by developers. Users must be over 18 or have consent from their guardians to play. Once users have created an account, their personal information remains hidden – like on most social networking platforms, users need to request to be able to connect with you. Users also have the option to block other players if they feel uncomfortable.

In chat mode, users cannot type out contact details such as email addresses or phone numbers, which means no one can directly contact other users without their express permission. Even in direct messages, chats are monitored for inappropriate content and contact details. 

While no platform is foolproof, any inappropriate content or bullying can be reported to the developers. Parents may feel that this is safer than many other games and requires much less supervision or parental monitoring. 

4. Enhances People Skills

Relational skills are promoted on Roblox in collaborations on building or creating games, exploring, or just enjoying the gameplay together. The platform is also excellent in teaching users what is appropriate, and in chat mode, curse words, slurs, and insults are prohibited – even the mildest of teasing and mockery is flagged and blanked out.

This means that healthy interactions are encouraged, and youngsters are taught to engage with others respectfully.

5. Cross-Platform Gaming Is Allowed

Roblox can be played on various gaming platforms, from Xbox, PC, and Mac to smartphones with iOS and Android, and Amazon devices. This means that gamers who don’t have access to the more expensive consoles can still enjoy the platform.

6. Increases Self-Worth Through Recognition

Rewards are given for participating in various games, events, and up-skilling on certain games. This also provides a way for users to choose a goal and work towards it, which is a good skill for youngsters. Gaining new skills is also good for self-worth and feeling confident about yourself, which is essential as children grow.

7. Roblox Is Free To Play

In a world where gaming is often a costly exercise, Roblox is a game that anyone can play – it does not require you to buy a subscription or have cash available to play. There are premium subscriptions, and some games require payment, but the basics are free. This means that anyone who has internet access and a compatible device can play. 

8. Promotes Creativity And Imagination

Building your own game requires creative thought, and Roblox offers a platform for amateurs to practice their skills. It’s also a safe environment for amateur game designers to test what works, as the number of players for your game is visible to you – the more people play your game, the more popular it is. Players can also rate the games for feedback on how to improve. 

This is echoed because some teachers have started using Roblox as a stepping stone to coding, modeling, and proper game design skills. 

9. Easy Group Gaming

It’s easy to play with friends or family on this platform, and inviting them to join you in a specific game is not a complicated affair. The result is that you can enjoy the same game as your best friend or family member. 

10. Encourages Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

With a wide variety of games available in the Roblox universe, some require lateral and critical thinking, problem-solving, and life skills. The games are also replayable, meaning you can judge the outcome of your choices as you play to see what returns more favorable results. 

11. Teaches Financial Awareness

While the Roblox platform itself is free, there is an in-game currency called Robux, which you purchase using real money. Having Robux allows you to buy some games, upgrade your character’s appearance, or buy in-game products. 

Not only do some of these games promote entrepreneurship and offer opportunities for real-life money-making, but it creates an awareness of financial planning with your children. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss pocket money, earning potential, and saving.

12. Builds Computer Skills

Although most technological skills are learned through daily interactions, Roblox allows experimentation in a safe environment that promotes computer literacy, such as typing speed, communicating online, working with menus, and using web-based software. 

The platform is user-friendly and easy to master, so you don’t have to be an expert to play. Controls are simple, and even those with little to no computer skills can quickly get into it, while skills will undoubtedly improve the more you play.

13. Promotes Learning Using Free Resources

Roblox provides education resources in a guided tutorial or lesson format for users to learn from. It promotes online safety and allows them to play around with coding and design. Gaming platforms such as these encourage science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and Roblox also offers free courseware to use in classrooms. 

14. Teaches Responsibility

While some parental controls and settings keep your child safe, it is recommended to discuss their responsibility in reporting cyberbullying, inappropriate content, or adult issues. This creates a space where your child can learn to step up and be assertive about their safety. 

15. Teaches Negotiation And Civility

Trading is allowed between users, although in-game currency or a premium subscription may be required. This will enable users to learn about negotiation, the value of certain items, and how to be civil and respectful in such scenarios. 

16. Vast And Diverse Games Makes For Hours Of Gaming

The Roblox platform is vast and offers loads of different types of games to play to help identify what you like. It also means hours of gaming without getting bored. Roblox is a valued proposition that provides extended gameplay at minimal financial outlay for a free platform. 

17. Teaches Patience And Planning

Designing and building your own game can take many hours for users who take Roblox seriously. This is a valuable skill for children to learn in a society that is very much focused on instant gratification. Building, refining, and tweaking a game design based on feedback is an exceptional skill for children to learn that will serve them well in adulthood. 


While many people feel online gaming is risky or dulls the mind, Roblox proves there are many advantages to consider, including a safe environment to expand creative thinking, learn computer skills, people skills, STEAM skills, and critical thinking. Roblox also encourages appropriate and respectful interactions and is a fantastic springboard for computer-based careers.

JC Franco

JC Franco serves as a New York-based editor for Gamesver. His interest for board games centers around chess, a pursuit he began in elementary school at the age of 9. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Mercyhurst University, JC brings a blend of business acumen and creative insight to his role. Beyond his editorial endeavors, he is a certified USPTA professional, imparting his knowledge in tennis to enthusiasts across the New York City Metropolitan area.