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Cuponk (Beer Pong for Kids): 16 Things to Know (Gameplay, Rules,…)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Beer pong is a fun game for adults, but there’s also a version for people of all ages. The game focuses on getting a ball into a cup with a trick shot instead of across a table.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the 16 things you need to know about Cuponk. 

1. There Is Only One Cup in Cuponk

Cuponk is different from beer pong because there’s only one cup, and all players or teams share the same cup. When you get the ball in the cup, it’s not removed from the game; instead, you can keep using it. Also, the cup moves throughout the game. It doesn’t have to stay on the table. Sometimes it’ll be on other places like the floor or a chair.

2. The Goal Is To Get the Ball in the Cup

Like beer pong, the goal of Cuponk is to get the ball in the cup. You can play in teams or individually, and players earn points for every shot they make. You don’t earn a point if you cannot get the ball in the cup, but you don’t lose points if you miss either. The first player or team to get three points wins Cuponk.

3. Cuponk Focuses More on Trick Shots

The goal of Cuponk isn’t just to get the ball in the cup but to get it in with a trick shot. Cuponk comes with 30 trick cards in which players draw and try to perform the specified trick to get the ball in the cup. 

The tricks are simple enough that you can do them anywhere you have a table and enough space. At the same time, they’re also tricky enough that getting the ball in isn’t always done on the first try.

4. There Are Multiple Tries per Trick

Since some of the tricks are hard, you get multiple tries for each one. The number of attempts you get varies per trick, which is listed on the card. The attempts range from two to five, but you can always change the number of allowed attempts (especially for younger kids) or ignore the attempts altogether. 

5. You Can Make Your Own Tricks

There are five “blank” trick cards in the Cuponk deck. These cards still have the number of attempts you get to make the shot, but you get to make up the actual trick shot yourself. And if you miss, your opponents will get to try your shot and earn points for themselves.

6. But Tricks Are Not Necessary

While tricks are the whole point of the official game of Cuponk, you can always play without them. If you’re playing with younger kids or want a simple game to pass some time, you can set the cards aside and play with the ball and cup.

7. There Is No Liquid in Cuponk

Unlike beer pong, there’s no liquid needed for a game of Cuponk. This keeps things clean and sanitary, especially when younger kids are involved. You should never put liquid in the Cuponk cup; otherwise, its lights and sound effects can break. 

8. Some Accessories Are Needed

There are some accessories you need to play Cuponk. Luckily, most of them are standard household items. For example, you may need a chair, couch, or table to set the cup on or toss the ball. There’s also a ramp accessory that comes with the game. It attaches to the cup, and some tricks require it.

9. Some Shots Require Bounces

Some of the Cuponk trick cards show bounces in the trick pictures. If you see bounces in the picture, you must use bounces in your shot. And the bounces you use must be the same as the number of bounces in the picture. For the cards that don’t show a bounce, you don’t have to bounce the ball into the cup.

10. The Cup Lights Up and Makes Noise

One of the most fun parts of Cuponk is that the cup makes sounds and lights up every time you get the ball in the cup. There are different versions of the game, and each one has unique sounds, and the lights match the design on the cup. 

Here are some of the versions of Cuponk you can find:

  • Gorillanator
  • El Campeon
  • Let it R.I.P.
  • Boomshakalaka
  • Monstrosity
  • King of L.A.
  • Le Flush Royale (deluxe)

11. Batteries Are Not Included

However, batteries aren’t included with Cuponk, so you’ll have to get them separately if you want the cup to light up and make noise while playing. The cup automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity to save battery power.

12. It’s Fun for All Ages

Cuponk is made for players ages nine and up, but adults and teens can enjoy the game too. You can always add new tricks and get creative with ways to make the game harder for the older or more skilled players. Also, kids under nine can enjoy Cuponk (with adult supervision). 

Younger children will likely not perform the trick shots, and it’ll be difficult if they try. However, you can modify the game to have a goal as simple as tossing the ball in the cup. You can have kids see how many shots they can get in a row or how far away they can successfully achieve the game’s objective and score points.

13. Any Number of People Can Play Cuponk

You can play Cuponk with any number of people. The more people, the more fun, but you can always play on your own to perfect your shots and make up your own. If you want the ultimate solo challenge, try to get all 30 shots. If you can’t make one of the specified number of attempts on a card, put that card on the bottom of the deck and try again when you get to it.

If you’re playing with multiple people, the first player will pick a card and attempt to make the shot. If they make it, they get the point. But, if they do not make the shot, the next player will attempt the same shot. 

Players keep trying until someone has made the shot or every player has tried it, but no one scores. If no one scores, play continues with the first player choosing a new card. 

14. There Are Multiple Versions of Cuponk

You can play Cuponk with multiple players or teams and end the game when someone has three points. However, there are some other versions of Cuponk to play. I’ve already mentioned specific Cuponk variations earlier, and there are others where the rules slightly differ.

For example, you can play an advanced version where players go through the whole deck of trick shots. Once all of them have been played, the player with the most points wins. 

If you have a lot of people, you can play a tournament where players face off two at a time, and the winners continue to play each other until one wins. 

To amp up the game’s difficulty level, have each player draw two cards. You can only earn points if you can make both shots. 

15. You Can Buy Cuponk Online

If you don’t have a Cuponk set yet, you can find one on the internet. You can order the variations I mentioned earlier on places like Amazon. You can also order individual components of the game in case your Cuponk balls get lost or misplaced for some reason. 

16. You Can Also Make Your Own Cuponk Set

If you can’t order a Cuponk set online, you can always make your own. All you need is a cup with a big enough opening and a ping pong ball. Since you won’t have lights, sound effects, or trick cards, you’ll have to improvise. You have to make up your own tricks or cards. Doing this will save you money though, and it’s the best option if you cannot buy a game of Cuponk.

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