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Dominoes for Senior Citizens: 17 Reasons Why It’s a Great Game for the Elderly

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

There are many games that are ideal for senior citizens, and it is vital for the elderly to participate in games and other social activities, but among the very best game for this age group is Dominoes. Few games are better suited for the elderly, and playing Dominoes comes with many mental and health benefits for seniors. 

Dominoes is a great game for the elderly as it is easy to see, it is mentally stimulating, it promotes social interaction, it is not physically demanding, it can be played at various levels of difficulty, it reduces stress, and it maintains crucial skills such as arithmetic and critical thinking. 

Playing Dominoes has many benefits for people of all age groups, but these benefits are most helpful for the elderly. Playing this game can improve many aspects of life for seniors and can help to keep their minds and bodies healthy for much longer. 

These are 17 reasons why Dominoes is a great game for the elderly:

1. Playing Dominoes Provides Good Mental Stimulation

Playing Dominoes is an excellent form of mental stimulation to keep the mind sharp and responsive. Playing Dominoes activates and uses many areas of the brain, which has many cognitive benefits and helps to keep the brain healthy. 

2. Dominoes Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Dementia And Alzheimer’s 

Engaging in mentally stimulating and challenging games and activities such as dominoes can potentially reduce the risk of developing serious diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s, even in the elderly. Playing this game helps to keep the mind functioning well and helps to prevent these problems from developing. 

3. It’s Fun

Playing Dominoes is a good form of fun and entertainment. This game helps to pass the time in an engaging and constructive way; it feels exciting to play, it is enjoyable, and it is a great way to have fun with friends. 

4. It’s Not Too Difficult

As played in their basic form, Dominoes are not too challenging to play. This keeps the game light and fun, which helps to keep it entertaining without being too difficult to understand or follow while retaining the benefits of playing a mentally stimulating game. 

5. There Are Various Ways To Play Dominoes

Dominoes can be played with the traditional method, but there are several variations of the game that keep it fun and exciting. Playing Dominoes is ideal for the elderly, as there are several gameplay options that vary in difficulty. 

6. Playing Dominoes Maintains Critical Thinking Skills

Seniors must maintain their critical thinking skills to retain mental acuity. Playing Dominoes is an ideal way to preserve the skill of critical thinking in a fun and involved way, keeping the players’ minds sharp.  

7. It Helps Maintain Arithmetic Skills

Dominoes is based on basic arithmetic, and playing this game enables the players to keep this skill active. Maintaining basic arithmetic skills is essential for daily life. If you do not keep practicing this skill, it is easily lost. 

8. Playing Dominoes Helps Reduce Stress

Playing games like dominoes is a proven way to decrease general stress. Playing this game with a friend or even using it as a way to calm down on your own is an ideal relaxation method. Reducing stress is good for overall health, especially in seniors. 

9. It’s A Good Social Activity

It can be difficult for the elderly to connect with other people, and playing Dominoes together is a good excuse to gather and a great way to form social groups and have social interactions in a healthy way. Playing Dominoes is an excellent social activity. 

10. Playing Dominoes Can Increase Endorphins

Playing Dominoes, especially winning at Dominoes, releases good endorphins in the brain. This can help reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness, lower blood pressure, and improve overall health. 

11. Dominoes Games Are Always Interesting

Dominoes is among the few games that are entirely different every time it is played. This keeps the game interesting and exciting, even if you play with the same person every time, as the outcome of each game is always different. This makes it ideal for seniors, as it is an excellent form of light entertainment and keeps the mind active. 

12. There Are Large Game Pieces For Playing Dominoes

Many seniors have trouble playing board games or performing other such activities, as the game pieces are usually tiny. Dominoes are typically larger than other game pieces, and there are extra large Dominoes available specifically for the elderly to make the game easier to play. 

13. Playing Dominoes Maintains Social Skills

Maintaining social skills with social interactions can be very challenging for seniors. Dominoes provide a healthy social platform for maintaining these skills without the pressure of trying to hold a conversation or other complicated social situations. 

14. It Helps To Maintain A Good Memory

Playing Dominoes is an ideal way to practice memory skills. The game requires using the same areas in the brain responsible for creating and accessing memories. This means that playing Dominoes helps to retain a good memory, especially for the elderly. 

15. Dominoes Can Be Played With Variable Difficulty

The multiple ways that Dominoes can be played means that there are Domino games with different levels of difficulty. This is perfect for elderly people who want to play an easy game, and it’s perfect for experienced players who prefer the game to be more challenging. 

16. Playing Dominoes Maintains Logical Thinking

Logical thinking is an aspect of mental function that diminishes over time and can diminish more quickly without diverse mental stimulation, particularly related to problem-solving. Playing dominoes is an ideal way to maintain this aspect of cognitive function in seniors. 

17. Dominoes Can Be Played Despite Visual Impairment

Domino tiles are tactile and embossed, the dots and lines on the tiles are easy to see, and the contrast of white on black makes distinguishing between tiles simple, which means that this can be easily played by elderly people that have problems with their vision. 

All Things Considered

Dominoes are an ideal game for seniors in every way. This game maintains cognitive functional and mental acuity while simultaneously building social relationships, and it is an excellent form of healthy entertainment. All elderly people can benefit from playing Dominoes regularly.

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