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Dominoes (Game): 20 Countries Where It’s Played | Where Is Dominoes Popular?

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Dominoes is an ancient game that has spread all over the world. This game is centuries old and has become commonplace in many countries, but some regard this game with special significance. Has Dominoes spread to every country internationally? Which countries actively play Dominoes?

There are many countries where Dominoes is played, and this game has become beloved internationally. Countries such as China, The USA, Cuba, Italy, France, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, and Mexico all enjoy playing Dominoes; and it has become a familiar sight almost everywhere. 

Most people have heard of Dominoes, and most have played the game, but there are a few countries where this game has made little to no impact at all, even though it is a vital social practice in many other places. Let’s identify the countries where Dominoes is played and discover more about these countries’ relationships with the game. 

These are 20 countries where dominoes is played:

1. China, The Birthplace Of Dominoes

Dominoes originated in China centuries ago and is still played to this day. There are several ways to play Dominoes in China, and there are different names for the tiles, but the fundamentals of the game are the same and have remained the same for thousands of years. 

2. The Netherlands, Home Of Domino Day

The Netherlands has a vibrant Dominoes scene and is best known in the world of Dominoes for its Domino Day, where many people come together to play the game and create Domino art pieces. This annual event has been active since 1986. 

3. The United States, Where Domino Innovation Resides

Dominoes is played in the United States in several different ways. Traditional Dominoes are played to this day, but there are several iterations of the game that convert into a form of card game. This nation is also home to many Domino artists and innovators. 

4. Cuba, Social Players Of Dominoes

Dominoes is highly popular in Latin America, including Cuba, where the game is viewed as a method for socializing and connecting with loved ones and friends while having fun. Cuban people are known to bring their Domino tiles with them wherever they go and are seen playing Dominoes in every city where they reside internationally. 

5. Italy, Where Modern Dominoes Was Invented

The modern version of the game is said to have originated in Southern Europe, specifically in Italy, in the mid-18th century. Today, Dominoes is still played in Italy and remains very popular as a casual social game. 

6. France, Among The Originators Of The Modern Game

France is also said to be a place where the modern game of Dominoes was developed, alongside Italy, in the 18th century. Dominoes spread from these Southern European Countries into the North around the late 18th century. 

7. Belgium, Where Dominoes Is Played In Cafes 

Belgium and France were among the most prominent players of Dominoes in the 1800s, and this game was very well known to be a favorite in Belgian cafes and social places. This game is still popular in the country and is commonly played by all generations. 

8. Puerto Rico, Where Dominoes Is Played At Large Events

Dominoes are massively popular in countries such as Puerto Rico, where locals gather in large groups to play the game. Dominoes have become an essential social element in Puerto Rico and are played with much vigor and excitement in the country. 

9. Jamaica, Where Dominoes Requires Real Strategy

Jamaican people have become prevalent players of dominoes and have developed complex strategies for the game. Every Jamaican Dominoes player tries their best to predict their opponent’s strategy to beat them in the game, and winning six games in a row is considered the ultimate victory. 

10. Argentina, Where Older Generations Love Dominoes

Dominoes are an important cultural game in Argentina. There are several ways to play the game here, but unfortunately, the game is not being continued by younger generations and maintains a game that is beloved by older generations and somewhat neglected by younger people. 

11. Haiti, Where Everyone Loves Dominoes

The small nation of Haiti is well-known in the Caribbean for its love of Dominoes, and every household has a set of Domino tiles that are regularly used. This game has several varieties in Haiti, as in other Caribbean nations, but most iterations are played with a French, Spanish, or Jamaican game variant. 

12. The Dominican Republic, Dominoes For Social Interaction

It is very common to see Dominoes played in public parks and other recreational areas in The Dominican Republic. This game is beloved by older people, especially. However, it is still enjoyed by many people from younger generations. It is valuable as a healthy social activity to maintain social connections. 

13. In Brazil, Dominoes Is A Popular Family Game

Brazilian families are known to play Dominoes together, and most households have several sets of Domino tiles. This game is a beloved form of family connection and is enjoyed by all generations. Parks and other public areas are common places to play Dominoes in Brazil.  

14. Mexico, Where Dominoes Connect Families

Dominoes is a popular game to play at family events, large family gatherings, and family reunions. This game is especially enjoyed by older people in this country but is played by all when the family comes together. 

15. Colombia, Dominoes For A Good Time

Colombian people are known to play dominoes in social settings. The people in this country enjoy Dominoes at parties, playing multiple iterations of the game with various rules and game varieties. As is true for many Latin American countries, Dominoes is predominantly played by older Colombian people. 

16. Canada, Dominoes Like No Other

The Inuit Indian people of northern Canada play their own version of Dominoes with tiles that are usually made from bones. These games use sets of up to 148 tiles and are generally different from regular Dominoes, but it is ultimately a game with the same premise. 

17. South Africa, Where Dominoes Is A Sport

There are several Dominoes clubs and unions in South Africa, and several of these clubs in Cape Town, South Africa, are highly competitive, referring to Dominoes as their chosen sport. Dominoes form an essential part of life for many South Africans. 

18. Egypt, Where Dominoes Is A Café Game

Small restaurants and cafes in Egypt are common places to find groups playing Dominoes, connecting with friends, and eating together. Dominoes are frequently played in these settings in Egypt, along with chess, backgammon, and card games. 

19. England, Where Dominoes Is Formal And Fun

The game of Dominoes is relatively common in England and is played by all generations. This game arrived in England in the 18th century, brought over by French Domino players. There are clubs and unions dedicated to the game, and it is a fun yet structured pass-time for many British people. 

20. Turkey, Where Dominoes Is A Gentlemen’s Game

Dominoes are played among the older generation in Turkey, particularly in the Southern regions of the country. Men will play this game in bars and restaurants, and there are often weekly Domino games organized among friends. 

In Closing

Playing Dominoes is an international activity. Some countries are more serious about the game than others, but it is a beloved board game almost everywhere in the world. The game began in eastern Asia and has become a common sight in nearly every country over the last few centuries.

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