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Hosting a Social Event? Include Beer Pong! (15+ Reasons Why)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Beer pong is one of America’s most popular drinking games. It’s also referred to as Beirut and is played at many social events and bars. However, if you don’t play often, you might be wondering why it makes a great addition to your next social gathering.

Today, we’ll explore several reasons why Beer pong can be a fun option for your next social event.

Here are 16 reasons to play beer pong: 

1. Beer Pong Gets the Party Started

At the beginning of any party, people trickle in slowly, and things can be quiet, with a sense of awkwardness in the air. While this is natural at the start of any gathering, it’s always good to have some tricks up your sleeve to get the party started. 

And beer pong is an excellent way to liven up any gathering. People can start drinking and socializing without the pressure of small talk or meeting new people. Therefore, make beer pong an option, and your guests will be having fun in no time. 

2. Beer Pong Is a Fun Game

One very notable reason to play beer pong is because it’s a fun game! Whether you like target practice, ball sports, or just beer, beer pong can appeal to a wide audience. It’s a lighthearted and playful game, so you can expect some friendly banter and competition from across the table. 

3. You Can Bond With Your Friends

Bonding time is crucial in any friendship, and so are collective experiences. And beer pong is a great way to create lasting memories with close friends or develop stronger bonds with new friends. 

Your friends might be on the same side of the table, solidifying your bond with teamwork. Or perhaps your friends will be across the table. In this case, you can employ some competition skills to take them down. 

4. You Can Make New Friends

While the standard get-to-know-you questions are good for first meetings, they don’t truly form close relationships with people. However, beer pong is a good game to take the pressure of meeting new people and developing new friendships. It’s a physical game that forces you to interact with others and can help break the ice. 

5. Beer Pong Is Relaxing

After a long week at work or taking care of responsibilities, many people sit down to enjoy a beer. But sometimes, sitting down can get your mind racing or your body feeling restless. 

However, beer pong is just the right amount of movement to keep your body engaged without feeling stressed. It’s the perfect way to decompress after a busy day.

6. Beer Pong Puts Your Friends at Ease

Not everyone is comfortable entering a party and mingling straight off the bat. And people who have social anxiety can understand this. 

However, having an activity to distract them from social pressure can help friends ease into the party. After a game or two, and a few beer pong beers, they’ll be relaxed and ready to chat with all the other guests.

7. You Can Drink More Beer

The main point of beer pong is to drink beer. And if you love beer, this is the perfect game for you. While the cups are only filled an inch or two high, it adds up, especially if you are losing. However, feel free to add more beer to each cup as you please. So, even if you lose, you are still winning. 

8. Beer Pong Adds Some Friendly Competition

Beer pong can create friendly competition amongst friends. And this is an excellent way to get people excited and help them interact with each other. Furthermore, some people are more in their element when competing and even come out of their shells.

So if you have a few friends with a competitive spirit, ask them to join in for a game. They will surely enjoy a few rounds of battling it out to see who in the group is the beer pong champ.

9. The Setup Is Minimal

Gatherings require enough preparation, to begin with. Luckily, beer pong is an easy game with minimal setup and very few materials. 

The only materials you need are a long table, two table tennis balls, 20 cups, and some pitchers of beer. Set up 10 cups on either side in a triangle formation and fill them with one to two inches (2.54 to 5.08 cm) of beer, and you’re good to go. 

There are also specific tables designed for beer pong. However, a long dining table works well too. Red solo cups are the usual choice for the game but can be replaced with anything similar. 

10. Beer Pong Is Easy To Learn

Beer pong is easy to learn and a great game for newbies or experienced players. It is usually played in teams of two with 10 cups of beer on each side of the table. You have two ping pong balls and two chances to throw them into your opponent’s cups. If you do, it’s bottoms up for them. 

While there are some rule variations, the general gameplay is the same wherever you go. Elbows can’t extend beyond the table, and if a ball bounces, the opposing team has an opportunity to knock it off. 

11. Beer Pong Is Great for Socializing and Makes People Happy

Beer pong gives people a great excuse to socialize, which is excellent for your health. And studies show that socializing leads to a more satisfying life. 

Also, it is not only interacting with other people that make us happier, but the game staves off feelings of loneliness. So, beer pong may serve a greater purpose than just drinking beer. 

12. Beer Can Be Cheap

Beer pong can be an incredibly affordable game if you buy the right beer. And since this beer will be drunk quickly and in small amounts, it doesn’t need to be the finest beer available. 

The best option for beer pong is a pilsner because they are light, widely available, and often inexpensive. Some options may include Bud Light or Coors Light. These are easy to drink while playing and won’t break the bank either.   

13. Beer Pong Brings Back College Nostalgia 

Can you remember the first time you played beer pong? Chances are, it was in college. 

A drinking game is a natural choice when you are first allowed to drink and still in college. Therefore, beer pong will bring back some good memories whether you are still in university or well past graduation. 

14. You Can Practice Your Hand-Eye Coordination

Beer pong may be an easy game to learn, but it still requires some skill. And like most physical games, you’ll need some hand-eye coordination to succeed. And if you aren’t exceptionally talented in this regard, then all the better reason to practice. 

15. You Can Have a Tournament

If the competition element isn’t enough, why not get everyone involved? Having a beer pong tournament is a great way to get everyone involved at a social gathering. People will either be playing or spectating during a game, and this will hopefully bring them together. 

Winners can play winners until you’ve found the ultimate beer pong duo. Also, having a prize could help spur the competition and get the crowd excited. 

16. You Can Celebrate an American Drinking Tradition

The history of beer pong may be a bit fuzzy, but the game is said to have been initiated at Dartmouth College in the 1950s. What we do know is that it has been a popular American drinking game for a long time. Therefore, whether it’s the Fourth of July or you are just feeling patriotic, beer pong makes for an excellent game at a social gathering.

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