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Is Operation a Good Game for Kids? – 17 Benefits & Advantages

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Board games are the perfect night for a family. But imagine a game that, besides the shrills and shrieks of excitement you get when playing, can actually teach your kids a few vital skills. Well, it seems Operations might just be the game that can do this! Let’s look at the many benefits and advantages that you can get when playing this game.

Operation teaches children social strategies, fine motor improvement, and problem-solving, for starters. On top of that, this game offers hours of fun while trying to help repair Cavity Sam and not make his nose light up like ‘Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer’ when you make a mistake.

Fun, family quality time, laughs, skills, and somehow educational? Wondering how this is possible? Well, read on. I’ve made a little list of the many benefits & advantages of playing Operation, and after this read, I bet you’ll be heading out to the nearest store to purchase this game.

1. Social Strategies

Kids have no patience and are not fans of waiting. Operation is going to teach your kids exactly that. They have to wait for their turn; it might not be the few seconds they want it to be as the player before them might be in full doctor mode and take their time.

2. Therapy Benefits 

Helping Sam takes practice and time. Trying to fix Sam and not break the circuit will take hand and eye coordination. Kids are going to be carefully watching how they move around the board and be fully focused; you might just be surprised at how much more engaged and focused they are when it’s their turn.

3. Fine Motor Skills Improvement

The way kids will start to focus after their first two turns will greatly intensify after they realize how much more precision and skills are needed moving their hands around the board, as a slight jolt and lack of concentration will send Sam to an early grave. Movements will be slower and more precise. Their hand will start to become steadier as they plot their next move.

4. Problem-Solving

It doesn’t take long to realize players need to put their thinking cap on when playing this game. Kids have to think about their next move and what needs to be done in their efforts to help save Sam. They will give their next move a lot more thought, and they will plan how to go about completing the circuit.

5. Concentration

This is not a game where they can just roll the die and bunny hop across the board to win. Kids will be thinking about their next move, what happened on their last turn and how they can correct their last mistake and win the next round.

6. Pattern Recognition

Kids will learn the way they move around the circuit and realize what they are doing wrong and what moves get them the best results. They will start watching the other players and seeing what is working for them and what they can improve on.

7. Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking, a skill kids never thought they would be able to perfect or even pick up? They are going to be juggling a few tasks at once, and you may just surprise yourself at how quickly they automatically are just doing two or three things at once without even realizing it.

8. Laughter – it really is the best medicine

This is a game with loads of laughs. You guys will be spurring each other on, laughing about who should be applying to be on Grey’s Anatomy, and just generally having a good time. A game like this is going to be a family bonding experience and a game that will be making regular appearances.

9. Risk-taking

Kids are going to start making bolder, more risky moves than they would have. They will start getting more confident and wondering just how far they can push the limit, and the results will leave them smiling!

10. The value of money

The aim of Operations is to complete 12 operations, and with each successful Operation, kids will earn an allotted amount of money. In the end, the player with the most money wins. 

Kids will be calculating ahead and keeping a tally of what they need in order to win and how many operations they need to complete successfully in order to have boasting rights and win the game. They will be counting their pennies, looking at the other players, and trying to tally up theirs.

11. Anatomy

While Cavity Sam is a comical character, he is going to be giving kids a lesson on human anatomy. Children will learn a few lessons on what goes where in the human body without feeling like they are sitting in a class being lectured. Kids will quickly learn where vital organs are and what makes Sam tick.

12. Ailments

When playing, there are different pieces of the game that have different values. For curing each ailment, kids win a set amount. For example, one of the operations is “Writers Cramp” the cure for this is resting the wrist. Kids will learn about different ailments of the body and what will cure them. 

Believe me, when there is prize money involved, your kids will quickly remember what method will cure that ailment.

13. The lessons you learn might just be shocking!

Operation is made on a circuit, and when touching the edges of the game, kids won’t be making the same mistake once they have been given a little shock. Giggles will erupt and make for good memories, but they will quickly learn their lesson!

14. Time is on their hands

Think, plan, and calculate; this isn’t a rush against the clock, and kids have time to plan their next move. Excitement is mounting, and they are thinking and working out their next move to save the same and cash in from this Operation!

15. Planning

Kids will learn the amount of planning an operation will take. They will realize that a doctor’s profession is required, though, and there is a lot to be learned. 

16. Thinking on your feet

Help save Sam! How can you do this? What needs to be done? What could the cure be? You will have a few ideas that will leave you thinking out of the box. Mom messed up; she got a little shock; how can I beat her? It is a fun game of rivalry and will have you thinking about how to best go about your turn.

17. Quality Time

Quiet time may not be a thing in your house, but when it’s a game, the whole family can enjoy the quality time together will make up for the noise you will be making with your kids when playing this game. And you might just end up making it a Friday Night event.

Final Words

Operations is a family-friendly game that you need to get in your games drawer! Your kids will be learning skills whilst having loads of fun and laughs. They will be testing their reflexes and learning skills they never even knew they needed.

JC Franco

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