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Is Trivial Pursuit for Kids? 15 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play It (Family-Friendly)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

When last did you and your kids play a board game? While you might assume that this is an activity your kids won’t be interested in, perhaps because they’d rather play games on their smart devices, Trivial Pursuit is fun for the whole family.

The rest of this article will explore several reasons why your kids should play Trivial Pursuit, so you can be assured that playing this game with your kids is a great idea.

1. Trivial Pursuit Is Educational

Trivial Pursuit is a board game filled with general knowledge and pop culture questions. Therefore, it’s a fun way for kids to increase their knowledge on various topics.

 While these topics vary from one Trivial Pursuit edition to the next, the Classic Edition of the board game has categories that stand the test of time, such as History, Science and Nature, Geography, Sports and Leisure, and Entertainment. 

2. Trivial Pursuit Teaches Kids Fine Motor Skills

Trivial Pursuit isn’t limited to teaching kids about the world around them. It can also enhance their fine motor skills. These skills involve the use of the hand’s smaller muscles. 

According to Michigan State University, fine motor skills are essential because they teach kids to do daily tasks, such as grasping and holding objects. And playing Trivial Pursuit has many opportunities for kids to develop their fine motor skills, such as when they hold cards, roll the dice, or reach for their pie wedges.

3. Trivial Pursuit Teaches You More About Your Kids

It’s common for parents to feel like they don’t know much about their kids. For example, how much knowledge they have or lack in specific fields. However, playing Trivial Pursuit with them will help you understand what they know about the world. 

And if you want to have even more fun when getting to know your kids, I recommend the Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It, available on This game is a twist on the traditional Trivial Pursuit as you don’t have to know all the answers. Instead, you have to guess and bet whether or not you think your family members know the answers. 

4. Trivial Pursuit Promotes Healthy Competition

Trivial Pursuit can be played by individuals or in teams. Both support healthy competition as you compete against family members to answer the questions correctly and progress in the game. Therefore, playing Trivial Pursuit teaches kids to win and lose graciously while also celebrating their team’s successes.

5. It Helps Parents and Kids Build Stronger Bonds

According to Kansas State University, the great thing about board games like Trivial Pursuit is that they encourage face-to-face interaction, which helps you connect with your kids. It also allows you to develop traits of strong families, such as having positive communication and enjoying quality time together. 

6. Trivial Pursuit Has Categories Kids Will Enjoy

While you might worry that Trivial Pursuit is more suitable for adults than kids, it does have categories that will appeal to them. This is especially the case in modern versions of the game.

I recommend purchasing the Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Family Edition available on It has kid-friendly categories that adults will also enjoy, such as Fun & Games, Music, Movies, and Nature.

7. Trivial Pursuit Has Special Editions Targeted to Kids

Trivial Pursuit originally came out in 1981. Since then, many variations of the board game have been developed. And several of these will appeal to kids, such as Trivial Pursuit Disney, and Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition. 

8. Trivial Pursuit (Family Edition) Has Questions for Kids

If you’re worried that the Trivial Pursuit questions will be too difficult and dull for your kids, the Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Family Edition from is worth purchasing. It comes with two question decks, one of which is reserved for kids while the other is suitable for adults. 

9. Trivial Pursuit Is Perfect for Long Car Rides

Unlike other board games that require you to use the board whenever you play, Trivial Pursuit allows you to play games with just the question cards. You’ll have to tweak the rules a little, but this makes it a versatile game for the family to enjoy when you’re stuck in the car for a road trip. 

10. Trivial Pursuit Keeps You Engaged for Hours

Trivial Pursuit will prevent your kids from losing interest in the game halfway through, as there are thousands of questions to enjoy. For example, the Trivial Pursuit Family Edition and Classic Edition both have 2,400 questions! Furthermore, the questions cover a variety of topics, which will heighten your kids’ interest.

11. Trivial Pursuit Keeps Kids off Their Electronic Devices

You might feel frustrated that you can’t connect with your kids because they’re always glued to their smart devices. 

And studies have shown that kids who engage in lots of daily screen time can experience learning problems. The research elaborates that when young children spend a lot of time on screens, they tend to miss out on building important skills, such as motor, interpersonal, and communication skills.

However, playing trivia games like Trivial Pursuit will keep kids away from devices while ensuring that they develop those essential skills.

12. The Game Boosts Your Kids’ Mood and Attentiveness

According to Healthline, trivia games have been found to produce a dopamine rush, specifically when you’re challenged by trivia questions and know the answers. Dopamine is a chemical produced in the brain and is associated with satisfaction and motivation. 

And increased levels of dopamine not only benefit mental processes such as a positive mood, but they also improve one’s attention and focus. Therefore, Trivial Pursuit is the perfect game to boost your kids’ dopamine levels and enhance their mood and concentration. 

13. Trivial Pursuit Helps Quiet Kids Become More Communicative

While you might expect that your children won’t open up to you, introverted kids might retreat further into their shells. However, it has been shown that children who battle to communicate can become more talkative when they engage in board games. 

Therefore, playing a casual game of Trivial Pursuit will put your kids at ease and make them feel more comfortable speaking. You also might find that the conversation turns from Trivial Pursuit questions to other topics.

14. Trivial Pursuit Improves Kids’ (and Your) Memory

When kids answer trivia questions and learn more about the world around them, they improve their cognitive skills. Therefore, Trivial Pursuit is a great way to encourage your kids’ brains to hold onto information about different topics. 

Furthermore, you also stand to gain some benefits. A study found that when people over 70 were tested for problem-solving, memory, thinking, and thinking speed, the people who played non-digital games achieved higher scores on thinking and memory tests. 

15. Kids Can Connect With Family Members of Different Ages

It has been shown that board games are valuable to play at home because they help families grow closer across generational divides. 

And Trivial Pursuit is a game that kids and adults of most ages can play. Therefore it’s the perfect board game to bring out after dinner so you can achieve quality family time and be social despite being in different stages of life.

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