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Mastering Snake (Video Game Genre): 16 Tips / Tricks / Strategies

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

To help you become a master of the Snake video game genre, we had one job; collating useful tips from folks who’ve mastered the Snake video game. 

One sure tip to becoming a master of the Snake video game is starting a Snake game club with your friends. Also, meditating, finding a mentor, and mentoring someone are proven strategies that will aid in getting you to the pro level. Finally, organizing Snake game nights with friends is an uncommon yet brilliant tip to remember.

Without taking any more of your time, here are 16 tips, tricks and strategies to mastering the Snake video game.

1. Organize a Snake Game Night with Friends

Rendezvous with friends doesn’t always have to happen at the movies or a bar. You could invite your friends over for a Snake game night. As corny as it sounds, this is a great way to bond with your friends while improving your gaming skills.

The next time you are scheduled to hang out with the gang, boycott the pub for a Snake game night.

2. Read the Instructions, Again

It is very common for players of the Snake video game to get carried away or overlook the game’s instructions. However, the instructions are usually more than an array of lines telling us what key does what; half the time, they provide salient pointers to some of our gaming problems.

One read is hardly ever enough, and Snake gamers should probably refer to the instructions before running to a gamer’s forum.

3. Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor can be challenging and perhaps even harder in the Snake gaming circuit. Often, Snake gamers settle with a decent Quora answer and the occasional pro tip. 

Although some gamers have run into luck on a gaming forum or two, it is hardly a sure bet for everyone, especially Snake gamers.

If you are looking to find a mentor, we encourage you to approach pro Snake gamers near you or buy a beer for any seasoned Snake gamer you know.

4. Start with the Old School Games

Let’s face it. No one plays the Serpent anymore. Instead, we have the polls stretched between the Slither and

However, old-school games can scarcely be called quaint. They are an excellent way for beginners to get accustomed to the Snake genre.

So, if you are new to the Snake games, it’s all right to start with old-school Snake games.

5. Get your Focus in Check

A poor attention span wouldn’t just slump your grades; poor attention can also ruin your Snake game run. Don’t fret just yet. A short attention span problem isn’t hopeless; research shows that sufferers can turn to cognitive and breathing exercises to improve their attention span and memory.

Positions you assume while you play Snake can also hamper your focus. When gaming, you want to avoid lying down on a bed or reclining in a chair if playing on a PC. Good gaming posture suggests sitting with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your feet flat on the floor.

6. Start a Club

Working in isolation can be challenging. Whether you are a budding writer or an intermediate Snake gamer, a club is usually a good idea.

From a close-knit community to a better chance at growth, the perks of clubs are limitless. Your Snake club could offer members Snake game lessons and a complimentary drink afterward.

When starting your club, you can scout for members in your immediate community or your place of work.

You can hand out flyers and put-up ads if you can afford to. Creating a website is also a great way to connect to the Snake gaming community online.

Clubs don’t always need elaborate structures. You could always start in your backyard or basement.

7. Choose a Snake Game you Love

When starting with a new game genre, gamers are often tempted to jump in with the most popular games. While gamers often get away with it, we do not exactly recommend it.

Players who make their pick based on popularity instead of interest are rarely ever-enthusiastic enough to go pro.

8. Take Breaks

Following endless hours of or Snake rewind, we are bound to grow exhausted or, in extreme cases, suffer burnout. We suggest a break at intervals or a gaming schedule to avoid such. 

Breaks don’t only cure burnout; they are also a great way to handle your gaming frustration.

When it comes to gaming, everybody deserves a break, even Snake gamers.

9. Find a Mentee

Mentorship gives us a chance to contribute to the community; it also provides an avenue to learn as we go, even with Snake games.

Finding a mentee might be a little hard, but we advise you to start with Snake game enthusiasts near you.

10. Meditate

Stress is known to deteriorate the quality of work and, eventually, your life. Stress can also ruin your interpersonal relationships and, in some cases, your Snake runs. So, before starting play, you can meditate on your breathing to relieve stress; while this might not relieve the days’ worth of stress, this takes the edge right off as you get ready to play.

11. Solve Puzzles

It might not be immediately apparent, but gaming involves much thinking, and what better way to exercise your mental muscles than puzzles.

Puzzles not only help consolidate connections in your brain, but they also improve mental speed, which can, in turn, greatly influence the quality of your Snake games. 

12. Pick a Strategy

Picking a strategy is more complicated than it looks; it involves active research and critical thinking. When you draw up the perfect plan for your Snake video game, we recommend looking up existing Snake game plans and building from there.

13. Find the Right Tricks

Every game has a bag of tricks to help navigate your avatar through, and the Snake game genre is no different. Although we recommend selecting a game and discovering the tricks for yourself, there are tons of resources with loads of valuable tricks and tips.

14. Get into Snake Game Tournaments

Gaming competitions are competitive and daunting, but they are also a great way to earn your bragging rights and improve your gaming skills. While the Snake video game tournaments might not be as popular as the adventure genre, they certainly have a decent following.

You can search online for any running tournament, or –If you’d rather create your Snake tournament– tons of websites allow you to create and manage your tournament. 

15. Watch others Play

When learning to stitch a shirt or bake a cake, watching seasoned sewists or expert bakers is a brilliant way to pick up a thing or two. It is no different with Snake video games— only instead of cakes and thumbnails, we have Snake avatars and elusive balls.

Watching a seasoned gamer play gives you hands-on knowledge on how to better your play and affords you the luxury of camaraderie. 

If you can’t find a gamer around, many YouTubers upload impressive Snake runs on their channels.

16. Practice, Practice, and More Practice!

Honing a skill requires active practice, and Snake video games are hardly different. Whether you favor the or its classic counterpart Snake Xena Rewind, you’d need plenty of practice to be any good.

We do not recommend slacking off on work or shirking responsibilities; three Snake runs during lunch break is a decent start. An extra four on the bus is a sure way to get noticeably better.

If you are keen on becoming a master of the Snake games, it’s probably all right to set “Snake game” reminders ahead of a busy day or perhaps, create a schedule that accommodates your hectic lifestyle just right.

Last Word

Let’s face it; Snake games aren’t going anywhere. They endured the 80s and became a gaming classic in the late 90s. This article details the best way to become an expert Snake gamer.

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