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18 Potential Disadvantages / Challenges of Tangram Puzzles

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

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Tangrams are great for building STEAM skills in children, and it’s a game that can be traced back to the 1800s. This is a clear indication that man has always found a way to deal with their leisure time. The development of tangrams opened up a door for puzzles and learning geometric shapes. 

People are now able to test different geometrical manipulations, and they can play around with shapes. However, these learning tools have their fair share of challenges and disadvantages.

The challenges and disadvantages of tangram can affect the running of your everyday life. Some disadvantages include time consumption, addiction, antisocial behavior, and limitation to growth. 

Keep reading, and you will learn more about the different challenges and disadvantages of tangrams.

1. Time Consumption

Tangrams can be both simple and complex. Depending on the type of shape you are required to come up with. Coming up with a complex shape can take you several hours or days, depending on the puzzle’s complexity. In addition, you might end up missing other activities while you try to arrange a tangram. 

2. Addictive

Puzzles and games can be addictive, especially while playing with friends. For example, trying to form different shapes can get you addicted to the game leading you to miss out on other activities in your life. It can result in a drop in grades and limit you from participating in other activities. Also, playing tangrams on your mobile phone can get addictive as you keep trying to beat the high score. 

3. Divergence from its purpose

When people discuss tangrams, especially among kids, they think of geometrical functions and solving mathematical problems. However, most kids will view tangrams as a game, and in some instances, they do not even use tangrams to advance in their knowledge of geometry and mathematics but as a way to pass the time. 

4. Phone Addiction

One of the most significant menaces we are dealing with now is phone addiction. Every adult today owns a phone, and even a substantial percentage of kids and youth constantly have their phones. Most people will not last even an hour without looking at their phones. 

With Tangram apps, phone-obsessed individuals may spend even more time on their mobile devices. In a case where a kid is addicted, their academic life and cognitive growth are affected. 

5. Restriction of Creativity and Imagination

We all know that maths and art don’t always go together. Often, when you’re trapped trying to figure out a tangram, you’re no longer thinking creatively. You may find that you’re no longer interested in the artistic side of life but would rather immerse yourself in the geometric and mathematical side of life.

6. Limitation to Subjects

Tangrams are limited to mostly mathematical problems. As such, it doesn’t offer all-around development, especially for children in the developmental stage.

7. Limited Understanding

When you are dealing with kids, there may be a limitation of development and understanding. For example, even as different tutors teach how to approach puzzles, we know that everyone has a different perspective. You may find that tutors limit learners to their way of thinking.

8. Limited Technology

With the incorporation of technology when dealing with Tangrams, some people might be limited if they have no access to digital services like computers or smartphones. In a school or class setting, knowledge on tangrams will be limited only to those who can afford digital gadgets. This may result in some people feeling left out.

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9. Limited Tangram Setups

For instance, when dealing with a school setting where kids need to learn, you may have limited setups for every kid. The limited resources will result in poor results among kids’ understanding and practice. Most people learn and know by constant exercise and repetition. However, with limited resources, kids will not have all the resources necessary to discover their potential and improve their understanding.

10. Frustrations

Continuous playing or trying to rearrange tangrams may result in one getting frustrated. This is usually the case, especially when you cannot get the shapes right or your tans keep on overlapping. It can get so frustrating for some people that they result in spending too much time trying to figure out how to go about the challenge. 

11. Cheating

In a case when you are arranging tangrams for a competition, the temptation to cheat can be great. People will try to find ways to discover how the different shapes were put together. To the honest ones, it can be frustrating, especially if you have put all your energy and intellect into working the mystery and a dishonest person gets the prize. The frustration might result in future cheating.

12. Antisocial Behavior

Some games and learning patterns can result in antisocial behavior. For example, tangrams can limit you from socializing and interaction in a case where you are always indoors trying to figure out the puzzle. Some people find themselves pulling out the phone at their workplace or even while driving or spending quality time with their family. Some of these behaviors will render you rude or inappropriate. 

13. Losing Touch with Friends

Some behaviors and actions will pull us away from our friends and peers. For example, people who are not accustomed to tangrams might find you obsessed or lack a way to relate to you while you engage in tangrams. 

Additionally, learning a new activity, like Tangrams, might make you feel smarter. This can affect the relationship with those friends who are not as good in tangram as you are. And, in some instances, you will regard them as less intelligent.

14. Less Focused Mindset

Tangrams have their similarities with puzzles. Failure to complete the tangram will keep you thinking about the tangram and how to solve it. This will affect your mindset throughout the day and through your interactions. 

For example, when working, you might always have this thought about completing the tangram at the back of your mind. Also, as you socialize with friends and peers, you will be distracted. With this kind of mindset, you will find it difficult to deliver or work to the best of your capabilities.

15. Arranging the Different Tans

The first challenge comes when you have to arrange the different tans to form a particular shape. The different shapes include right-angled triangles, parallelograms, and squares. It might get challenging to set the seven shapes to create the preferred shape. 

Remember, the shapes are not supposed to overlap. Therefore understanding and organizing where every shape goes to might become a challenging task.

seven colorful tangram wooden pieces

16. Limited Knowledge

Sometimes, you might not know how to solve a tangram. This lack of knowledge might pull you down or make you feel less intelligent. As a result, some people might find themselves giving up, and in the end, they cannot unleash their full potential.

17. Exhaustion

Engaging in tangrams can exhaust you. You will be physically and mentally exhausted since you are engaging in an activity that requires a lot of thinking. This can affect your performance at your place of work or in schools in the case of students. The constant fatigue will also limit you in different activities you can engage in.

18. Interference with Routine 

Most people have their days or weeks planned. However, starting to engage in tangrams can affect your routine and daily plans. Most of the time, you will lose track of time while playing, which will affect how you run your days. Sometimes you will find yourself lagging at work or in your place of study due to unplanned days and distractions.

Last Word

Tangram is advantageous to people of all stature of life. However, it is essential to note that there are also disadvantages to too much engagement in this game. It is necessary that you ensure your activities in tangrams will not affect your daily plans or the smooth running of your day. If engaging in tangram opens up your mind and enhances your development, then engage in it appropriately.

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