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14 Reasons to Play Musical Chairs at Your Next Social Gathering

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Six friends playing the game musical chairs

Wondering what sort of entertainment to provide at your next social gathering? How about playing a few rounds of Musical Chairs? If you’re skeptical, fear not! Musical Chairs is a much-loved game that has been doing well at social gatherings for decades! Chances are that your crowd will absolutely love it and thoroughly enjoy themselves. There are plenty of reasons to opt for Musical Chairs at your next social event…

When it comes to social gatherings, people expect some form of entertainment provided in the form of “something to do”. While there are plenty of games to choose from, the Musical Chairs game stands out as a firm favorite for many people.

Here’s a little look at several reasons why Musical Chairs has been a popular choice for so many people…and why it should be the right entertainment choice for your next gathering. 

These are 14 reasons to play Musical Chairs:

1. It’s a great ice breaker.

While some people are completely comfortable in any social setting, others need a little helping hand to get them to relax, get comfortable and start enjoying themselves. That’s why ice-breakers are so important at social gatherings, especially if you are introducing new people to each other. 

If you want to help your party guests to feel comfortable sooner, a game can help. 

2. Everyone can join in; adults and kids alike.

If you have friends over with kids, chances are that they will start to feel bored and left out at some point of the gathering. A nice way to get the kids to feel included is to incorporate a game that both kids and adults enjoy. 

It may be hard to get the adults and kids to sit down to a board game when socializing, but a few rounds of Musical Chairs will be fun. This is a game that is thoroughly enjoyed by both kids and adults – and the fact that there are so few rules also makes it a more attractive option.

3. There’s less pressure for small talk.

Many people struggle with small talk. If the social gathering you are hosting involves no entertainment, chances are that people are going to feel awkward, at least for a little while. 

If you want to remove the pressure for small talk for your guests, get them involved in playing Musical Chairs. There’s no time for small talk, but there will be fun and excitement, which is a great stand-in. 

4. It’s fun.

There’s absolutely no denying that there’s a great deal of fun to be had playing Musical Chairs. If someone says that Musical Chairs is boring, they are probably lying. It’s a fast-paced game designed to get people playing against each other. 

What could be more fun than seeing a group of friends challenging each other for a chair…knowing that one of them just won’t get one?! If you want your gathering to be remembered as fun, this is the game to choose.

5. Everyone will be laughing.

There’s no sweeter sound than to hear everyone laughing and having a good time at your hosted gathering. The more fun and laughter, the better, right? 

If you want to get everyone’s mood elevated as soon as they arrive, throw them straight into a game of Musical Chairs. You won’t regret it.

6. Provides an opportunity for everyone to bond (or get to know each other).

One of the things that any host wants is for their guests to get along and have the best possible time. To achieve this, it is a good idea to provide the opportunity for guests to bond…and to actively promote it. There are several ways you can do this, but playing a game like Musical Chairs will undoubtedly be quite effective. 

Games have a way of bringing people together, even if people are playing up against each other. 

7. Works up an appetite (no food will go to waste).

people eating pizza while having fun together

If you are the type to worry that none of your guests will enjoy your snacks or the meal, you can strategize to make them hungry. Playing energetic games that get people moving is a great way to work up an appetite which means that when the snacks and food come out, everyone will gobble it up enthusiastically. 

Now you have no need to worry about wastage or feeling as if your efforts weren’t quite up to scratch (let’s face it, this is a fear every host has).

8. Takes the focus off drinking (or over-drinking).

If you are concerned that your guests will over-drink or make the main focus of the event about drinking, try to take the focus off of it. When people are busy and actively involved in something, there is less time to drink (or at least their drinking speed will be slowed). 

Games are a great way to slow down the drinking at any event. When someone is running around and dashing for chairs in a game of Musical Chairs, there is no time to be actively drinking. It’s a great strategy, right?

9. It’s a great way to incorporate everyone’s favorite music into the event.

You can really get everyone excited about the evening by gathering a list of favorite songs before the event.

For the music used in the game, you can play pieces of everyone’s favorite songs. Not only will this make people feel more involved, but it can also help everyone get to know each other better and open up the floor for conversation. Music really does bring people together. 

10. Provides great photo opportunities to remember the event.

Want to get great photos of everyone at your social gathering? Tired of posed photos every time? 

When playing Musical Chairs, there is a great opportunity to snap a few action shots of your guests having fun. These will make for great photos and memories of the event. Everyone is bound to love them after the fact too. 

11. Helps the time pass quickly and easily. 

No one wants to attend a boring social gathering where the time drags. If you want to spur things along and make the time pass quickly for everyone, incorporating some group games is a great way to do that. 

Playing Musical Chairs can help everyone feel comfortable playing the game as there are very few rules, and it doesn’t require someone to be the smartest in the room to play. This can help if some people are averse to board games.

concept fast

12. Makes everyone feel included (even those who don’t want to play).

This particular game is great, even for those who don’t want to play a game. For those who don’t enjoy games but still want to fit in, they can very easily play a round or two and then purposefully get themselves out. 

You offer an “out”, so to speak, for your more introverted guests without casting too much of a spotlight on them. It’s a win-win. 

13. Gets all guests in the mood for fun (sets the scene).

Chances are that you want to get everyone in an elevated and fun mood. There’s only so much excitement you can generate with conversation and music. If you really want to set the scene for fun and lightheartedness, a game like Musical Chairs will do the trick.

14. Takes the pressure off the host (you). 

There’s a lot of pressure on a social gathering host to make the event fun and memorable for everyone. That’s a lot of pressure on you. 

By incorporating a fun game, such as Musical Chairs, you can take a bit of the pressure off you. While everyone is playing the game, they aren’t looking for things to do, and they will undoubtedly be thoroughly entertained. 

Last Word

Hosting a social gathering can be made a lot easier if you choose Musical Chairs as your party entertainment. Don’t doubt it – just do it. You have nothing to lose!

JC Franco

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