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14 Reasons Why It’s Safe For Your Kids To Play Roblox (In Moderation)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Roblox is a trendy and fun-to-play online platform, and it is definitely more appropriate than many other online games and game servers. Many parents ask themselves the question, is Roblox safe for my kids to play? And what, if anything, do I need to know to prepare myself and my child?

Roblox is safe for children to play. But even so, it must be played with balance and moderation. Allowing your child to play Roblox will open a new world to them and to you as a parent. Your child will soon realize how creative they are and how much you and they can learn in the process.

1. Roblox Is Educational

Roblox Studio is free, and it gives educators and families the tools through which children can learn a few life lessons and skills through coding, principles of computer science, animation, 3D design, and software development.

Allowing your child to play Roblox will definitely give them the ability to develop in ways that would maybe not be available to them otherwise. The Roblox website offers free featured computer lessons that are good for kids to learn, even from a very early age. 

2. Roblox Allows Your Child To Be Creative

Roblox enables your child to be creative on the platform since they can build and create throughout the different courses that are available within Roblox itself. For example, your child will learn to think creatively to make an obstacle course and learn to code while creating the thing they imagined.

Your child will have the opportunity to be creative while exploring, investigating, and experimenting in the unlimited Roblox platform.

3. Roblox Opens Up A World Of Programming Skills

Roblox uses a programming language called Lua. This language will help your child develop a scene (the creative skill), and, after developing the scene, they will learn to work with scripts. Scripts tell the game how to work and what to do (programming skills). After the script, the child will learn what variables are in the programming context and how to add variables to their code.

4. Roblox Teaches Computer Skills

Apart from the coding skills that your child will learn, they will also develop basic and essential computer skills. Some of these include writing and typing skills, which they will learn while they’re learning code. Your child will also have the opportunity to learn how to make 3D objects and how animation works.

All of these skills can easily go towards earning a diploma one day if they wish to use them as part of a career choice.

5. Roblox Teaches You And Your Kids To Be Safe Online

Roblox has guidelines that you can follow to keep you and your child safe against scammers who want to monopolize Roblox for their own gain.

This problem isn’t inherent to Roblox or any other particular game. The fact is that we are surrounded by scammers, and we cannot protect our children from these scammers if neither of us knows the real risk out there and how to protect ourselves against it.

Rather than blaming games, we should enable ourselves and our children with courses in cyber security or through the online safety tutorials that Roblox provides. This way, we can learn what we need from something good like Roblox and still be safe online.

6. Roblox Teaches Your Kids How To Be Social 

Allowing your child to play online will also give your child the ability to interact with other people socially in ways that would have otherwise been impossible. Children that are more comfortable behind computers now have a chance to interact with people and be social in a safe environment.

7. Roblox Teaches Life Lessons And Skills

While playing the different games on this platform that are either created by Roblox or other players in the community, specific life lessons can be learned. For example:

  • Bloxburg – A Roblox game that teaches money management.
  • Creative – Designing (both interior and exterior) and architectural skills.
  • Roblox Studio – While playing on Roblox, your child will learn problem-solving skills.

8. Roblox Improves Mathematical Skills

Not only is Roblox fun to play, but the makers of Roblox themselves developed The Math Obby, which is an obstacle course that is designed to test your child’s maths skills with multiplications, subtractions, additions, and divisions.

9. Roblox Improves Your Child’s Grammar 

While learning to program with Roblox, your child will learn the value of correct grammar and text. While learning the programming language and typing code in the script box, your child will learn the importance of spelling words correctly because the programming language will not correct grammar errors for them. They will learn how to correct spelling and grammar by themselves.

10. Roblox Can Improve Your Child’s Attentiveness

Some games involve certain tasks that need to be completed in a specific sequence. This requires a high level of attentiveness. The same goes for learning a programming language or even just playing The Math Obby. Both will test your child’s attentiveness and how focused they can be.

11. Roblox Teaches Your Child Caring Skills

Your child will learn the skills they will need to adopt and take care of a pet in games like Adopt Me. This game is also free and developed by Roblox. Your child will be able to interact with friends while playing Adopt Me. Friends can teach other friends the skills they learned by raising and taking care of their online pets. 

12. Roblox Offers Significant Opportunities 

Roblox offers opportunities where it would maybe be impossible otherwise. For example, not all schools can offer the best training in programming skills or development. Roblox could be a way to provide those skills to your child.

Apart from the programming skills, they will also learn animation and 3D modeling; all of these are skills that our children can learn and develop for the future. These are life experiences that nobody can take away from them.

13. Roblox Teaches Entrepreneurship Skills

Roblox offers millions of children and like-minded friends the opportunity to explore adventures that are being created daily by the Roblox community of developers. Kids will soon start to think about how they can also generate and sell community content, and many children have already started making money this way. 

14. Most Importantly, Roblox Is Clean, Friendly Fun 

Roblox’s primary focus is to provide a safe and fun platform as your child explores the 3D immersive adventures created by the global community. Soon your child can also be a part of this community and start creating adventures of their own. The possibilities are endless. Kids can have fun and be creative; the power is in their hands.

Roblox is safe to play for kids from seven years of age. Some games will specify that they are for older age groups, and you as a parent can limit the content that your child is allowed to access on Roblox. So Roblox is a safe and fun way to learn and play!


Most of the games that Roblox has to offer are free to play and are available on all devices. This is a big plus as far as online platforms go since it enables your child to play online and be interactive without requiring them to purchase anything. But you should have all the necessary precautions in place. Teach your child how they can be safe online, and everything should be fine.

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