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11 Reasons Why Musical Chairs Should Be Considered a Sport!

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

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Have you ever found yourself thinking that Musical Chairs should be a sport? Everything about it screams sport, doesn’t it? Today, we take a look at places where Musical Chairs is a sport, and what about the game makes it worthy of such categorization in other countries. Our first focus is on what makes the game worthy of being a sport.

The word “sport” has a definition attached to it, and when there’s a push for a game to be considered a sport, it is the definition of the word/term that is a determining factor.  

The definition of “sport” is as follows, according to the Oxford Dictionary: “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

When you read the above definition of the word “sport”, it becomes apparent that Musical Chairs is a game that fits into that definition quite snugly. Let’s look at some of the most important reasons why Musical Chairs should be considered a sport. 

11 reasons why Musical Chairs is and should be considered a sport:

1. It involves physical exertion.

When playing Musical Chairs, players are meant to consistently move and walk around while the music plays. When it is turned off, they run to secure a chair. All of this active moving around causes physical exertion. 

2. The game is skill-focused.

Players need to have cognitive and physical skills to play the game. 

3. Individuals compete against each other.

In sports, players compete either as individuals or teams in order to win. If you consider how Musical Chairs is played, you will realize that it involves individuals competing against each other to win. There is only one winner at the end of the game, and everyone who doesn’t win is, of course, a loser (of the game).

4. The objective of the game is to win.

In the definition of the word “sport”, it is mentioned that teams or individuals compete. The reason for competing is to win. 

If there was no objective of winning, there would be no reason to compete. As such, it stands to reason that Musical Chairs involves competing because the objective is for an individual to win. This means that Musical Chairs fits the definition of a sport very well. 

5. The activity is seen as entertainment for spectators.

Another part of the definition of a sport is that it is also a form of entertainment. There is absolutely no denying that playing the game is entertaining for participants as well as for spectators. Whether you are playing or simply watching and cheering players on, there’s great scope for entertainment involved when it comes to Musical Chairs. 

6. Physical fitness is required to play.

Men & women athletes doing exercises

If you aren’t at all fit, you are going to be really physically exerted when participating in Musical Chairs. Those who take the game seriously will need to keep fit and practice the game regularly. Those who reach a suitable level of fitness will become better at the game. As players need to take care of their physical fitness, it’s reasonable to say that Musical Chairs is worthy of being considered a sport. 

7. Practicing makes players fitter and better at it.

If you think of a sport like basketball and soccer, what the players regularly do is practice. It is much the same with Musical Chairs. You may even find that there are many clubs and teams located across the world that get together to practice their skills on a regular basis. When this is happening, it becomes a certainty that Musical Chairs is, in fact, a sport and not just a silly party game.

8. It is taught and played in many schools across the world.

In some parts of India, Musical Chairs has been declared a sport. As a result, it is taught and practiced competitively in schools. It’s also a reality that most other schools across the world teach the game as well. When a game is played in many schools and on a competitive level, it means that it can be considered a sport. 

9. It’s a group game.

Sports usually bring people together, whether the players act as a team or individually. Something that cannot be denied is that Musical Chairs is a group game that brings players together. Even though each participant acts individually and plays for themselves, it is still a group activity. As such, it should be considered a sport. 

Children run around chairs playing a game outside

10. There are Musical Chairs associations across the world.

Not many games that are just party games have actual associations and clubs across the world. It would be silly to think that a game, such as Musical Chairs, is merely a game that your kid plays at parties, when groups of people run associations in honor of such a game.

11. Musical Chairs world championships have been held for many years already.

You might not know this, but there have been several Musical Chairs World Championships held in the past. Often, these competitions come with hefty monetary prizes. Games with this sort of following and competitive nature should be considered quite seriously as a sport. 

All in all

If you’ve never thought of the reasons why certain games are considered sports, perhaps the above-mentioned list can serve as food for thought. When it comes to Musical Chairs, it’s fairly evident that it has all the attributes of a sport. The fact that some parts of the world are recognizing it as a sport already is promising to say the least!

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