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16 Reasons Why Roblox Is So Popular (Why Kids Play It So Much?)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

The popularity of Roblox’s online gaming platform is evident. The multi-sensory gaming platform has interactive features with rewards as an incentive. There are many million different games, with a big percentage of America’s kids under 16 hooked on Roblox.

The number of games on Roblox tops kids’ list of popularity. The many million games are an antidote to boredom. With Roblox’s interactive chat feature, kids can chat with friends and make friends worldwide. Kids like designing and kitting out their avatars and are drawn to combat Roblox games.

Roblox’s popularity is the thrill of owning your avatar and customizing it. Kids like to experience escaping dangerous situations and like chatting online with friends and anonymous gamers. Kids love Roblox’s Robux currency and reward system. These aspects tie into the popularity of the Roblox gaming platform. The possibility of designing their games is a drawcard too.

1. Roblox Allows Kids To Choose An Avatar

Avatars are kids’ extensions in the digital world. The avatar is arguably the most popular feature of the Roblox gaming platform. This feature makes kids feel they belong and lets them aspire to have avatars that match their interests and aspirations. Kids develop and customize their avatars with additional features to combat. 

Not only can kids choose an avatar, but they can also personalize their avatar. Roblox is popular as kids like being involved in games through their Avatar.

2. Kids Like The Vast Choice Of Games on Roblox

Once a kid gamer designs their avatar and kits these out, the number of games on the Roblox platform is an attraction. Whether it’s horror, combat, or obstacles, the kids are there. Some say there are so many games that they never feel bored. Also, games are updated often, which gives kids different choices in the games which are familiar to them.

3. Kids Like Playing Roblox With Other Gamers

The popularity of Roblox as an interactive gaming platform stems from kids feeling that they are not alone there. What draws kids to Roblox’s gaming platform is the excitement of playing with others. Kids choose Roblox over other games because of the platform’s chat feature. Kids also play on Roblox’s platform as they say there are always others gamers there. 

The interactive nature of the Roblox gaming platform is attractive. Kids feel immersed in the games as they manipulate their avatars and are responsible for the actions they take. 

4. Kids Like Roblox Player Versus Player Options  

Kids rate player-versus-player scenarios highest. On the Roblox platform, the fighting games are popular. Young kids like PVP games (an acronym for player-versus-player) best. The combative nature of these games attracts the kids, and they say Roblox has the best fighting games. 

The games empower kids who like the thrill of combat – battle with other players and monsters and kill them. Different fighting games on the Roblox platform get updated and stay popular. Kids are attracted to learning new skills as games change which can even mean their avatar gets superpowers!

5. Kids Like Roblox Obstacle Games

The popularity of Roblox is its obstacle games, called the Obby. Roblox differs from other online obstacle online games as it gives rewards. By jumping onto safe spaces and avoiding ditches, a kid can achieve status for their avatar. An obby sets up challenges, and as kids overcome these, they move up levels. The Roblox platform is rewarding, and kids get a sense of pride from jumping levels.

The popularity of the Obby games lies in how these test a kid’s speed and navigation skills. Manipulating their avatars, moving these in directions, and gaining levels give kids credence. Kids’ involvement, through their avatars, makes playing exciting and real. Though addictive, kids don’t see anything other than the fun in Roblox’s Obby games. 

6. Kid Like Chatting With Friends On Roblox

Kids like Roblox’s online chat feature, and it’s a drawcard. Kids can talk about the games on the Roblox platform. They also talk to friends about school and what’s happening in their lives. Kids mainly discuss what games to play on the Roblox platform and why these are fun. Kids mock and say that being on the Roblox chat lines helps their spelling and writing!

7. Kids Like Making New Friends On Roblox

Some kids like the Roblox platform for more than the games as they find friends on chat. They talk about their avatars, what to build next, and see things they have in common. Roblox is a popular social space. The chat feature on Roblox is a drawcard. They meet and then go on digital adventures with new friends. 

Kids like the idea that there are many people they can chat with and that these are new friends.

8. Kids Are Attracted To Getting Robux

Earning Roblox is an incentive that draws kids to the gaming platform. Kids do, however, say the currency is not for everyone. Even the youngest Roblox gamers look forward to earning Robux – the means to buy and accessorize their avatars. The money is needed to remodel their avatars.  

As they don’t earn Robux, they ask their parents to put real money into their accounts so they can buy accessories and weapons for their avatars. The kids, however, stay in the ever-popular Roblox platform.

9. Kids Like Learning About Other Gamers

Kids are quick to pick up that there’s a community of Roblox users to which they belong. Kids chat with other gamers and then compete in games. They like knowing other gamers, especially when they play against them and can ‘KO’ (knock-out) them. They often chat and get ideas about other games and how to remodel their avatars. 

10. Kids Like The Thrill Of Escaping Danger On Roblox

The interactive digital world of Roblox draws kids as they want to hide and survive! Not unsurprising, kids look for horror, moments to feel terror, panic, and fear. It is these nightmarish moments in real life that draws kids to Roblox.

11. Kids Like Building Empires Of Wealth On Roblox

Kids like the Roblox platform, where the games they choose are about being rich and powerful. Kids want to earn Robux – the Roblox currency used to buy items for their avatars other than real cash. 

Kids play games like tycoon for their self-esteem. Kids like online role-playing. They play as a restauranteur or garage owners and amass wealth in the digital space. Kids build their avatar’s status to being super-heroes. 

12. Kids Like Roblox As The Games Are Different From School

What makes Roblox popular is that it’s so different from school. Kids think of playing games on the Roblox platform as a playdate. Kids enjoy chatting to friends on Roblox chat simultaneously as they are playing. Kids catch up on games, what next to play, something they’re not able to speak to at school.

13. Kids Feel Empowered When Playing Roblox Games

Playing Roblox games allows socializing of a different kind. Kids feel empowered to chat with school friends (and new ones). Kids’ openness to chat on Roblox makes the platform popular. Kids also quickly learn to game and feel empowered by the open-access structure of Roblox.

Kids also feel empowered to choose games and decide over the outcome of maneuvers they do with their avatars. Not being able to afford the accessories and demands of owning their avatar can be stressful. Putting pressure on parents to put real money into their accounts and not getting it can be disempowering.

14. Kids Like The Rewards And Achievements On Roblox

The popularity of the games in the Roblox metaverse is the possibility of succeeding in challenges and getting Robux. Kids return to the games in the hope of Robux to kit out their avatars. Kitting out the avatars is seen as a sense of pride that kids associate with the feelings of being rewarded for their achievements in playing on Roblox’s online gaming platform.

15. Kids Gain A Sense Of Power From Playing Roblox

The Roblox gaming platform for kids is a domain separate from the world of adults. The popularity of playing games on the Roblox platform is about decision-making, whether with friends or alone. Kids can decide who to talk to and about what.  

Kids think of the Roblox platform as an opportunity to escape from the watchful eye of parents – a space for cognitive stimulation, opportunities to socialize, and destress. 

16. Kids Want To Design A Roblox Game

As kids’ confidence grows through playing, they think of designing and programming a Roblox online game. Kids want to get into designing games as they’ll earn Robux. Earning Robux is attractive to kids who are keen on tycoon games. The popularity of Roblox links to the gaming platform’s in-house content development opportunities.

Last Word

What’s at stake in the gaming world to keep a platform’s popularity is fickle. Roblox’s popularity seems to be peaking across a broad spectrum of ages and keeps kids there. The platform is fun and engaging, and there’s the desire to earn Robux as a successful game programmer.

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