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Snake (Video Game): 23 Compelling Facts (Trivia, Stats, Versions,…)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

If you are interested in learning stuff nobody else knows about the snake video game, we welcome you. One popular fact is that the idea of the snake video game was originally presented as the arcade game “Blockade”; a two-player arcade game. 

The Blockade game has a cloned version called the bigfoot bonkers, which was also created in the same year. However, did you know that there is no sole owner for the snake video game?

Here, all you will find are fun facts, trivia, and stats on the popular snake video game.

1. The Snake Video Game was Made in the USA

The birthplace of the first version of the snake video game is San Diego, California, the United States. This was home to the headquarters of Gremlin Industries, where all their games were created.

In 1976, the concept of a video game, which required players to create a long line by feeding a dot without crashing, originated. It was originally called blockade by its creators, Gremlin Industries. However, this idea would go on to be more than just a video game. 

2. The First Version was a Two-Player Game

One fun fact about the snake video game is that the original version was designed for two people to play at the same time.

3. Bigfoot Bonkers Cloned the Blockade Game

Due to the popularity the Blockade video game joyed, other programmers made different clones of the game. The first was Bigfoot Bonkers, also released in 1976.

4. The Nibbler as a Clone

The Nibbler was also an arcade game and a clone of the original Blockade game. It was released in 1982 by a Chicago-based developer. The game follows the same rule as the original game. Avoid crashing into yourself while trying to eat from a field. 

5. The Surround Video Game

Surround is another variant of the snake game. It was programmed by Allan Miller and published by the Atari video computer system. This game was released in 1977 after Gremlin created the first version.

6. There Is No Sole Owner for the Snake Video Game

Another interesting fact about the snake video game is that there is no sole owner for the game. This factor makes it easier for others to make other creative versions of the video game.

7. Nokia Gave Snake Game the Popularity it Enjoys 

The Nokia mobile manufacturing company, located in Finland, paved the way for the mobile version of the snake game. 

In 1997, Nokia adapted the video game to mobile phones created by Finnish programmer Taneli Armanto. This progression would go on to expand the snake game in various forms. 

8. The First Home Computer Version

The first known home computer version of the snake video game was on the TRS-80 titled worm, and it was programmed in 1978 by Peter Trefonas. It was later put on the Apple II and Commodore PET.

9. The Snake Video Game as an NFT

Another interesting fact about the snake video game is that there is now a collection of snake video games available as NFT online. It comes in a pixel version of collectibles, including normal category items and a multicolored super diamond version item.

10. Google Maps and the Snake Video Game

There is a version of the snake video game that players can now play on google maps created by the google maps team. This game has the same rules and directions as the original snake game but was adapted to look like a bus picking up passengers. These are some of the more creative versions of the actual snake video game.

11. Snake Video Game in 3D

This leap is a very exciting one for the video game. The game is now available in a more realistic and modern view, making it even more intriguing to play and navigate. It also has a cool background and high-quality graphics. 3D gaming enthusiasts that love the snake video game are welcome to give the snake 3D a go.

12. Snake Video Game on Virtual Reality

You can now access the snake video game in virtual reality. This VR experience makes it possible for different players to enjoy the game simultaneously and use their physical environment. It is an exciting upgrade to playing in an arcade or a home computer.

13. The YouTube Simulation

A full 3D simulation on YouTube describes how the snake video game works. It is a full and satisfying visual of how the snake moves till it has occupied every space on the field.

14. Google Maximum Score for the Snake Video Game

In addition to all the cool facts above, you’d also be pleased to know that there is a version of the snake video game by Google released in 2004. On this version, the maximum score possible for the game is available. The score is 256 if you can get the snake to eat all of the apples. However, you should know that attaining this score is not an easy feat. 

15. The Snake Video Game in JavaScript

Although, beginner python programmers can use python programming to create versions of the game. JavaScript is the preferred option because of its ability to work on multiple platforms. 

You will find step-by-step processes on YouTube that any programmer can use to develop their own snake video game.

16. The JavaScript Highest Score

The highest score for the JavaScript snake game ever is 99,999, which was achieved by a developer in 2014. If you get a score higher than this on a JavaScript-programmed snake video game, you would be setting a record.

17. The Snake Game Was One of the Most Played Video Games

In 2010, according to the Guinness World Record 2010 gamer’s edition, the snake video game was found to have been played by over a billion people, and because of this was tagged the most played videogame in 2010. Part of its popularity was also due to the Nokia effect.

18. One of the Longest Snake Video Game Time

One of the world’s longest records for playing the snake video game is one hour and twenty minutes. It was set by a player in the United States in 2010.

19. Gremlin Industries is No Longer in Operation

The originator of the snake arcade game that kicked off the era of the snake video game is no longer in existence. Gremlin industries was around from 1971 to 1983, and it was during this time that they created the blockade arcade game. Sega acquired the company in 1978 before it ultimately shut down in 1983.

20. The Snake Video Game on the PlayStation

The snake video game is available on PlayStation called the snake pass. It has the same rules and directions as the classic video game but comes with better graphics and vibrant colors. The snake is called noodle and is a game of interest, particularly for children.

21. The Snake Game on the Gameboy

This version of the snake video game involves a futuristic and robotic snake called the serpent. It offers a more realistic view of the video game than the original version due to the details and the graphics. Also, because of the mobility of the game boy, it was quite popular.

22. YouTube and Facebook Versions of the Game

It is possible to play the snake video game through YouTube. You can use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate. When you are in the mood to play the game, we advise that you choose a video with a dark background so you can see better.

In addition to this, you’d be pleased to know that a version of the snake video game also exists on Facebook. All you need to do is search for the game once you are logged in and play the classic game.

23. The End of the Snake Video Game

Several people have asked if there is indeed an end to the video game. This is probably one of the reasons why people try as much as they can to fill the screen with the snake. 

Well, to answer your question, the end of the game starts another game since there is no more space for the snake. This might sound anticlimactic, but reaching that stage of the game itself can be quite interesting.

Final Thoughts

The snake video game has been around for a long time, and because of its popularity and influence, the mobile gaming industry has been able to grow.

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