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Snake (Video Game Genre): 16 Things You Need to Know (Origins, Variations,…)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Let’s bring back memories of childhood. Here we’ve curated 16 main things you need to know about the Snake mobile video game.

One of the main things you should know about the Snake video game genre is that the Snake game did not start with Nokia. Gremlin started the Snake game design in 1976. Also, before Snake mobile was included in the Nokia 6110, Tetris was considered, but there were some disagreements; hence Snake for Nokia was born. 

The Snake game gained massive reception from both Gen Zs and Millennials. The overall simplicity and popularity of Nokia mobile phones at the time made it a household name. 

Here are 16 things you must know for you to be classified as a Snake video game expert. Let’s dive right in!

1. Nokia is not the Originator of the Snake Video Game

As we’ve stated clearly at the start of this article, the British company Gremlin Interactive, in 1976, invented the Snake game design. However, back then, it was a two-player arcade game that went by the name Blockade. 

In this game, a solid line represented the Snake, and all the player had to do was use any of the four directional buttons to move the character.

2. The First Known Computer Version of Snake is Titled Worm

After the Arcade and home console versions of the Snake game, the next device to get a variant of the Snake game was personal computers. The first computer version of the game was titled worms. 

Worms was programmed and developed by Peter Trefonas in 1978. He created this game for the TRS-80 computer system. 

3. The Nokia Snake Game Was Written by Taneli Armanto 

Taneli Armanto, born in 1965 in Finland, a student of mathematics and computer science in his undergraduate years, was the creator of the Nokia Snake. He and his team wrote the code for the game.

However, very few people know that his 15 years in Nokia were not only spent making variants of the Snake game, Taneli also programmed some of the tones on the handsets. 

4. Tetris Game Was Supposed to be the One on The Nokia 6110

You would be surprised to find out that the popular Tetris video game was supposed to be the one launched with the Nokia 6110. 

In fact, Taneli Armanto claims that he had already implemented and tested the Tetris on the 6110, but the Tetris company wanted a share of the profit for each unit of Nokia mobile phone sold. Nokia, however, didn’t fancy the idea, so they had to develop a new game from scratch. This led to the birth of the Nokia Snake Game.

5. Armanto Won an Award for the Snake Game 

Public credit wasn’t given to Taneli Armanto until 2005, when the Mobile Entertainment Forum decided to reward him with an award for his contribution to the Mobile entertainment industry. 

According to them, his ingenuity and vision were a significant contribution to the Mobile Gaming Industry. He received this award at the annual event which was held in London.

6. There are 8 Sequels after the Original Nokia Snake Game

After the original Nokia Snake game was created and released on the Nokia 6110 in 1997, there have been eight other sequels to the game. Some of them even outselling the first Snake game; these eight include:

  • Snake II
  • Snake Xenzia
  • Snake EX
  • Snake EX2
  • Snake III
  • Snakes Subsonic
  • Snake Xenzia 2017
  • Snake (2017)

7. There is a Version of The Snake Game on YouTube 

If you didn’t know before, now you do. There is a version of the Snake game on YouTube. YouTube launched this feature in July 2010, and this version is quite similar to the classic Snake game you love. 

Here comes the tricky part. To play this game, you need a slow internet connection. This way, while the video is loading, press the arrow key continuously until the loading circle turns into a long line that represents the Snake. 

8. Snake Was Written in C Programming Language 

We bet you didn’t know that the original Snake by Nokia was written in the programming language C, and unlike the codes of today, which are written on desktops and involve code generators and other tools, these codes were handwritten line by line.

9. Beginner Programmers Can Use Snake Game Codes to Practice

If you are a beginner programmer looking for ways to put your coding skills to the test, then the Snake game code is one way for you to do this. 

Although the Snake game was originally written in C programming language, today, programmers have found that Python programming language is the best for writing Snake game codes. It is perfect for end-to-end python projects once you get familiar with the basics of python. 

10. Snake II on Nokia Made the Greatest Impact

Snake II on the Nokia 3310 was the true turning point for the Snake mobile game. This version of the Snake game featured a Snake that came in a Snake form; no longer a line. It also included mazes and a cyclical screen. 

In addition to this, the build and durability of the 3310 were one of the reasons why parents were able to trust their handsets in the hands of their Snake mobile game-loving children.

11. There are 3D versions of the Nokia Snake Game 

In case you didn’t know, now you do. Nokia also created 3D versions of the Snake game. These versions include Snakes for the N-Gage in 2005 and N-series and Snake III for the Nokia 3250, also from 2005. 

12. There are Nokia Snake variants that Feature Multiplayer Modes

Some Nokia Snake variants feature multiplayer modes. This was majorly possible through the introduction of infrared and Bluetooth connectivity. These Snake variants include the Snake EX, Snakes, and Snake III, 

13. There Were Versions of Snake on BBC Micro 

You are probably wondering if this is the same British Broadcasting Corporation you know. Well, it is. In the 1980s, the BBC Microcomputer was built by Acorn Computers. These computers cost about £235, and they were aimed at aiding computer literacy. This computer had its version of the Snake game. 

14. There Is a Version of Snake on Facebook Messenger

Yes, you got it right; the popular social networking app Facebook messenger has its own Snake game. This game was announced in 2017 by HMD Global of Nokia at its MWC event in Barcelona 2017. All you need to do is download and install the Facebook messenger app, type “Snake” in the search box, and tap the game in the results. 

15. There Is a Version of The Snake Game on Google Maps

Another version of the Snake game exists on Google maps. This version was launched in 2019, and although the app version is no longer available, the browser version is still available. An easy way to access this free game is to head over to Once there, press the “start” button. 

16. Snake Video Game Was Ranked No. 41 on All-time Top 100 Games

In 1996, Snake was ranked position No. 41 by Next Generation on their list of the top 100 games of all time. It was given the award due to the need for forethought and quick reactions involved while playing the game. 

Last Word

These 16 things have shown that the Snake game was vital in the transformation of the mobile phone gaming space. Snake is still played today, and there are several variants available on both IOS and Android devices. Just visit the Play Store or App Store to enjoy this fun classic game.

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