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Telephone Game (Chinese Whispers): 15 Benefits / Advantages

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

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Most games that can be played by children and adults have a variety of benefits and advantages attached. In fact, you can benefit a lot from some of the simplest games, even the Telephone game, aka Chinese Whispers. So, what exactly are these benefits and advantages?…

For many people, it’s not immediately obvious how a game like Chinese Whispers can be beneficial or advantageous, but if you have watched the game in action and seen how people develop and learn through the game, the upsides become quite evident. Actually, the benefits and advantages of playing the Telephone game are many. If you want to investigate these, read on. 

15 benefits and advantages to expect when playing the Telephone Game:

1. It’s funny/amusing.

One of the biggest advantages of playing the Telephone game is that it’s heaps of fun. If you’re looking to have a bit of fun or ensure that the kids are having fun, setting up a game of broken telephone or variations thereof is a great idea. 

2. A great way to pass the time. 

If you’re looking for a fun game that helps to pass the time quickly, the Telephone game is a great option. It’s simple to play, has minimal rules, and everyone can participate. The best part is that because it is so much fun, the time passes quickly and everyone has a good time, regardless of their age.

3. Can be used to engage young children while teaching them. 

Often when teaching kids, it’s hard to keep their attention or get their interest. Teachers who manage to keep kids focused and learning are those who know the secret to teaching kids. What’s the secret? Knowing how to engage with kids and ensure that they are having fun while learning is the ultimate secret to teaching success.  

4. It’s a great tool for building social skills.

When it comes to helping children learn how to socialize appropriately, games can really be helpful. The Telephone Game is a great option. 

The Telephone game teaches children to be patient, take turns fairly, and have fun without giving anyone a hard time. There’s a purpose to the game – ensuring that the message is delivered to the other end of the line without being changed – but the more important purpose is to have fun. 

5. Effective as a team-building exercise in the corporate space and among friends.

Plenty of games are ideal for team building, including the Telephone game. Getting people to work closely together as a team can be as easy as giving them a common goal to work towards. 

When working on the same project – which in this case is trying to deliver the message without misconstruing it – people bond, work together, and put in their best efforts. Because of this, the Telephone Game is a great activity for team building.

6. No one is excluded.

Let’s face it, some games don’t include everyone, and that can leave a few people feeling left out or resentful. That’s not the case with Chinese Whispers. 

One of the most rewarding parts of playing the Telephone game is that there is no group too big or too small to play. Absolutely everyone can participate. If you want everyone to feel included in a game, the Telephone Game is a fine choice. 

7. Effective in improving listening skills.

If kids or adults aren’t good listeners, playing a few rounds of the Telephone game is a good way to encourage more attentive listening. The game is focused on listening carefully and taking great effort to send the message clearly and well pronounced. With a bit of practice, this can really improve listening skills.

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8. Great form of entertainment at a kid’s party.

If you are hosting a kid’s party, you will have to think about entertainment for the children. While there are a host of games to choose from, the Telephone game is one that is simple to understand and greatly enjoyed by all age groups. You simply cannot go wrong if the Telephone game is your kid’s party game of choice. 

9. Can be played by both adults and children (fun for the whole family).

When it comes to finding games that can be enjoyed by the whole family (the adults as well as the kids), you don’t get much better than the Telephone game. Everyone loves it, and even the youngest or oldest in the family can easily grasp the rules and be included.

10. Helps to improve working memory in developing children.

Working memory is something that small children have to actively develop from a young age. This can be taught by practicing being told a word, remembering it, and then passing it on. This is why the Telephone game is a great way to teach and improve on working memory in developing children.

Children must listen to the word, remember it, and then whisper it to the next child. It’s a great memory exercise indeed. 

11. It’s a fun game that everyone can enjoy without there being a perceived “loser”.

Some games just aren’t fun when there has to be a loser. Losing is particularly difficult for children. If you want to incorporate a game that’s all-inclusive and fair to everyone without the need for an actual loser, the Telephone Game is a fine choice. No one has to “lose”…, everyone works as a team.

12. Helps kids and adults learn to be patient with each other.

In order for the message to get from the start of the line to the finish, each child has to practice patience with the group and with the person immediately ahead of them. Without patience, only chaos can result. In order to clearly use the message and pass it all, patience is of the utmost importance. 

13. Develops cognitive abilities. 

Developing children need to practice their cognitive skills as they grow older. It’s best to introduce children to cognitive development opportunities early on in life. Cognitive skills are those that the brain requires in order to learn, read, remember and focus. Playing the Telephone Game is a great way to help with the development of these skills.

Children education concept and school learning development

14. Helps people to listen to each other more intently. 

Listening is a fine art that not many people have learned to do effectively. Whether it is an adult or child you want to teach to listen more intently, the Telephone game can be really effective. With each message whispered, heard, and passed on, listening skills are improved. The more rounds you play, the better. 

15. You can use the game to learn a foreign language. 

The Telephone game can be used to help people learn a foreign language because it focuses on listening very carefully and then pronouncing the word very clearly and carefully to pass it on. This helps language students learn how to say foreign words and sentences correctly, while providing a fun way to learn. 

The more fun is had while learning, the more capacity the student has to remember what they have learned. 

Last Word

Playing the Telephone game or Chinese Whispers is a great way to enjoy a few benefits. Whether you are playing with adults or kids, there are always some benefits and advantages to expect. The next time you’re offered the opportunity to play a round of the Telephone game, take the time to remember these benefits. And of course, have fun!

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