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What is the Nokia Snake Game?: 15 Things To Know (History, Impact,…)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

The Nokia Snake game is unarguably one of the greatest games of all time. So, it is only natural that you know all there is to know about it. Here, we’d turn on the lights on 15 things we think you should know about the Nokia Snake game.

First, you need to know that the Nokia Snake game was first launched in 1997 on the Nokia 6110 device, and it was created by a Finnish programmer named Taneli Armento. Also, you need to be made aware that the second version of the game “Snake II” earned it the popularity it enjoys. 

1. The Nokia Snake Game Was Launched in 1997

The first-ever news about the Nokia Snake game hit the market in 1997. It came preinstalled on a new Nokia monochrome device called the Nokia 6110. 

2. A Finnish Programmer Created the Game

Taneli Armanto was a Finnish programmer and the brain behind the Nokia Snake game. This Snake game is one of his most notable accomplishments. However, did you know that he did not receive any public credit for his work in the gaming industry until much later?

In addition to this, the Snake game is not all that Armanto did in Nokia. This programming genius is also responsible for creating several of the then Nokia ringtones. He also created a newer version of the game called the Snake rewind.

3. With the Nokia 3310 Release came More Popularity 

Although Nokia’s first Snake mobile game was widely accepted, it was not the most popular. The Nokia 3310, an upgrade to the 6110, was launched in 2000. It supported better features and a longer-lasting battery. Hence, it was only natural that it sold more units. 

The Nokia 3310 came with a new and improved user interface that allowed users to switch easily between features, making the game accessible. More people got the Nokia 3310 because of its improvement, and since it came with the much-loved Snake game, it was a win-win situation for them.

4. The Snake Game Idea was Not Originally Nokia’s

The Nokia 6110, although the first mobile to pack the Snake game, wasn’t the first variant of the game. 

In 1976, Gremlin industries created the first-ever Snake game. Although the game was popular, it was not very accessible because people needed to get to the arcade before they could get their hands on the Snake game.

The introduction of games on mobile made Nokia’s variant more popular and successful because everyone had easy access to the game. They could play the game anytime, anywhere, and for as long as they wished.

5. The Logic Behind the Game

As crucial as it is to know facts and history about the Nokia Snake game, we also think it is absolutely essential that you know the goal of the game. The goal is to get the Snake to grow as long as possible without crashing.

There are regular dots that serve as food to grow the Snake and increase the player’s score. In addition to the regular dots, there are also special dots that boost your score by multiples. As long as you do not run into any of the blockage or the body of the Snake, you should have no issues.

6. The Nokia Snake Game is Not the First Mobile Game

It is easy to assume that the Nokia Snake mobile game was the first mobile game; however, this is not true. 

In 1994, the Hagenuk MT-2000 came with a preinstalled Tetris game. Still but it did not have as much success as the Nokia Snake game because the mobile phone itself was not very popular, and by that, the game also was not so popular.

7. A New Era of Gaming Started with the Nokia Snake Game

In his work evaluating the playability of mobile games with the expert review method, Hannu Korhonen talks about the features of a mobile gaming device. He talks about the game’s usability, mobility, and gameplay. 

Nokia Snake games met all of these criteria, and since the phone gained wide acceptance, it was the beginning of a new era in mobile gaming.

8. The Nokia Snake Game Helped Sell the Phone

When the first set of Nokia phones came out, people started getting them for communication, as this was the purpose of the mobile phone. However, when people learned about the Snake game that came with the phone, more people became interested and got the Nokia phone.

The Nokia 6110 phone alone sold over 350 million units, and the Snake game was on every unit sold.

9. There are Tricks to the Game

Although Armanto himself made sure that there were slight delays in the Snake game to ensure playability, the difficult levels were quite challenging to beat; however, some players found ways around this issue. The most popular of them was the pause and play effect. 

When playing the game, players learned that they could pause the game once the Snake got close to an obstruction. When they resume, the Snake does not move immediately but will be frozen on the last move. It is then left to the player to resume it by clicking the direction they want the Snake to move; the Snake will then turn instead of crashing.

10. The Snake Game Was Not Nokia’s first Choice 

Okay, let’s reveal another secret. We think it’s your right to know that the Snake game was not Nokia’s first choice. 

The first choice was Tetris, and although Taneli Armanto had tested the usability of the game on Nokia mobile, the deal fell through at the last minute because the Tetris company wanted a share of each cellphone that Nokia would sell.

This issue caused the switch from the Tetris game to the Snake game, which was a lot easier because the Snake game did not have a sole owner. 

11. Taneli Gets His Award

In 2005, Taneli Armanto was awarded the special achievement award during the Mobile Entertainment Market 05 event for his contribution to the mobile gaming era. This era started with his creation of the Nokia Snake game, and it is arguably one of his best works.

12. The 3310 Comeback 

During the Mobile World Tech Show in 2017, Nokia announced the relaunch of the classic Nokia 3310, and of course, the Snake game came preinstalled just as we have in the older releases. 

This launch created nostalgic moments for people as many sought to purchase the phone because they missed the feeling of childhood and the relaunch allowed them to experience that.

13. There are Different Upgrades to the Game

Due to growth and changes in the industry, the Nokia Snake game has had several upgrades, with each better than the previous one. 

From the first Nokia Snake game to Snake II, Snake xenzia, Snake EX, Snake EX2, Snakes, Snakes iii, Snake subsonic, Snake xenzia (2017), and Snakes(2017). These are the different upgrades of the Snake game we have had on the Nokia phone.

14. The First Nokia Game Codes Were Handwritten

Armanto himself wrote the original code for the first set of the Nokia Snake game. This factor is one of the reasons the game is unique. It started when technological advancement was not so great and yet still managed to leave a mark in players’ minds.

15. The Game is Now Available on Other Phones

The Nokia Snake game is no longer restricted to the Nokia phone alone. You can now download the classic game and the adopted versions on your smartphone, either on your iPhone or your Android devices. 

All in All

The Nokia Snake game has been around since the new era of mobile gaming began. The game can be argued to be one of the most valuable creations in the gaming industry because it is one of the most popular games ever. It has had several adaptations and versions, all with the same idea.

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