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Why Should You Play Counter-Strike: 14 Reasons (Is It a Good Game?)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular and fun games on PC. It has an addictive gameplay loop and is also one of the top-rated games on Steam, its native platform on PC. There are many reasons that you should start playing Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike will cost little money to play, and the game is easy to start playing. It is one of the most popular E-Sport games, has an addictive multiplayer gameplay loop, and has a very strategic play style.

Counter-Strike still holds up years later since its release. Many people still play it, and there are many reasons that you should play it. For excellent reasons, Counter-Strike gets widely praised as a fantastic competitive first-person shooter game. The reasons why you should start playing Counter-Strike gets elaborated below.

1. Counter-Strike Will Cost You Little To Nothing

Counter-Strike is entirely free to play on Steam. We live in a world where the standard price of games can cost you a small fortune. Engaging in this popular, addictive, and fun multiplayer shooter will not cost you a cent. Just click on “Play Game” on the Steam platform, and you are good to play. 

For Counter-Strike, there is an optional Prime Status Upgrade, which is low in price and mainly consists of cosmetics, and in no way hinders the gameplay.

2. Counter-Strike Is Easy To Get Into Playing

Counter-Strike is in no way a challenging game to get into playing, especially if you are familiar with the first-person shooter genre. You become an excellent shooter and become familiar with how each gun and game mode works with practice. Just as long as you know how to shoot in-game, you can play and learn the fun mechanics as you continue playing.

3. Counter-Strike Is A Very Strategic Game

Even though Counter-Strike is easy to play, it is still a very strategic game to master. It is fun to learn all the strategies to get into mastering the game. Each gun, map, and game mode is different than another. The key to getting good at the game is to learn how each of these elements works, especially the various guns and maps, which will give you the upper hand in matches.

4. Counter-Strike Has A Massive Community To Engage With

Counter-Strike is among the most popular games on PC and therefore has a massive community willing to engage with other players. The community will give you tips to master the game. They will also be willing to trade cosmetic items, gear, and equipment should you want or need them for the matches that you play with them. 

5. Counter-Strike Is One Of The Most Popular E-Sports Games

Because Counter-Strike’s community is so massive and is an easy game to get into, it has become a popular e-sports game over time. Audiences enjoy watching professional players master its straightforward but intense gameplay. What would be better than becoming a professional Counter-Strike player yourself and reaping the rewards of engaging with e-sport matches?

6. Counter-Strike Has An Addictive Competitive Game Mode

Counter-Strike has a fun and addictive default multiplayer Competitive Game Mode. 

The default Competitive Game Mode consists of thirty rounds against two teams – the counter-terrorist and the terrorists. The rounds consist of bomb-defusing or hostage rescues while shooting the opposing team. The team that wins sixteen matches wins the game and earns ranks. It is a simple but addictive gameplay loop.

7. Counter-Strike Has Many More Fun Game Modes

These include many varied game modes that keep Counter-Strike from getting stale. Counter-Strike’s Casual Mode allows you to drop in and out of the game as you wish with standard Counter-Strike rules. 

Death Match is a game mode where you have to kill other players as fast as possible with different weapons. Arms Race is a game mode where you get a new gun with kills of opposing players. It includes many more game modes.

8. Counter-Strike Has A Great Variety Of Exciting Maps

Counter-Strike not only has one default map for players to engage in but many maps. These include a Zoo which is precisely what the name implies, a town called Mirage, a commercial penthouse called Agency, and many more. Each map is different and fun to learn and master the ins and outs.

9. Counter-Strike Make Use Of The Steam Trading Cards

Counter-Strike uses the fun Steam Trading Cards system, unique to the game, which comes with the Steam platform. To earn these Steam Trading Cards, you must play the game, trade with other players, or buy them on the Steam Market Place for Steam currency. You can also sell your trading cards for Steam currency if you do not wish to keep them. It is a fun loop to collect the Steam Trading Cards.

10. Counter-strike Has A Large Array Of Great Unique Weapons

Counter-Strike has an extensive array of fantastic weapons to unlock. Each weapon looks and handles differently. Not one weapon is the same in looks or how they handle. It is fun to learn the ins and outs of different weapons to use to your advantage in-game. Such weapons include assault rifles, shotguns, and grenades.

11. It’s Fun Watching Others Play Counter-Strike To Learn

Because Counter-Strike is a popular game to play and one of the best e-sport games out there, it is possible to watch matches played by other players. These matches are intense and engaging to watch. By watching other players play, you will get better at the game. 

12. It’s Fun Collecting The Many Unique Counter-Strike Cosmetics

It is fun to collect the many unique skins for your weapons within Counter-Strike. These are great for expressing your unique personality and even play style. Although the cosmetics do not offer significant gameplay boosts, having a unique skin on your weapons will automatically let players know you play the game frequently, and they will respect you.

13. You Can Make Money By Playing Counter-Strike

You can make real-world money by selling rare weapon skins in Counter-Strike. Look for information online and within the Counter-Strike community to see what Counter-strike skins you have on you, how rare they are, and how much you can potentially sell them to other players.

14. Counter-strike Has Low System Requirements To Run It

You do not need the most powerful and expensive PC to run Counter-Strike. You will not suffer performance issues by playing the game on an old and low-spec system. The system requirements are incredibly reasonable compared to many games today.

In Short

There are many reasons to play Counter-Strike. Reasons include its addictive and straightforward gameplay loop with a fun community. It is also one of the most popular e-sports games out there. Best of all, Counter-Strike will not cost you a cent.

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