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15 Reasons to Play Risk (the Game) on Your Next Gathering!

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

The world map, from the Risk game

Social gatherings for me have always been about good food, a delicious wine (or new roast of coffee), and a few rounds of the flavor-of-the-week board game. I was thinking about all the different board games that I have played at my social gatherings and wondered which one was the best. I must admit that Risk was right up there with the top few of the “best”.

What would a social gathering be, without a bit of entertainment, right? Risk is something that I love to play at my social gatherings. My social gatherings almost always turn into games nights anyway. With that in mind, some of you might be wondering if board games have a place at a get-together. You might also be wondering if Risk is a great game to play at a social gathering. I certainly think it is; it has many benefits!

So, if you have not played Risk at a social gathering yet, I would like to share a few reasons why you should in the future.

Why Risk is a great game to play at social gatherings -15 reasons:

1. Risk is engaging (great form of entertainment).

As far as entertainment goes, Risk is a pretty engaging game. It is the type of game that really lures you in and captures your attention, and when that happens, you know that someone is truly engaged. Those who choose to participate generally get quite absorbed in the game. And this is a good sign that people are having fun and are thoroughly entertained. 

Illustration of Risk board game

2. Playing Risk gives the group a common focus and brings them together.

As it turns out, people like to have a common focus when gathering in a group. It really seems to bring people together, even if they are on opposing teams. Having a fun common focus such as a game of Risk just provides the opportunity for people to get closer. 

3. Games like Risk help shy or quiet people to interact.

Shy or introverted people often find it hard to strike up a conversation. When playing Risk, there is no need to think of “something” to talk about. The game itself provides the perfect opportunity to interact and open up. Playing a game like Risk can be a heaven-sent for shy party goers. 

4. Playing Risk introduces healthy competition to the group.

Nothing is more fun than having a competition. If you are past the age of beer pong and spin the bottle, chances are that you are looking for something that introduces competition that is healthy and appropriate. A game like Risk is the perfect option. Risk allows members of the group to play against each other in a fun way. 

Two group of people pulling the rope

5. Playing Risk is a great way to cut the small talk and get right to having fun.

If you have ever been to a gathering and found it hard to get into a group conversation, then you would probably enjoy the way a board game like Risk brings people together. It removes the need for small talk and conversation striking and gives people something focused to talk about and discuss. No more small talk – now there is Risk and strategy talk instead. 

6. Board games such as Risk help people to bond. 

Playing board games helps people to bond and build deeper relationships. If you want that for your group of friends, then Risk is a great way to kick things off. 

7. Playing Risk takes the pressure off the event and the people attending it.

When there is a game to play, people often feel as if the pressure is taken off them to be entertaining or the life and soul of the party. Now, Risk is what everyone is casting their attention on. As a result, there is no pressure on you to provide astounding entertainment, and your guests do not feel as if they have to be the entertainment. Win-win. 

8. Playing Risk gets people off their phones and physically interacting.

I have personally been to social gatherings where a handful of people spend most of the evening on their phones. Often this is because they have someone to keep in touch with, but often it is boredom or not “fitting in” that causes it. By incorporating a game like Risk into your social gatherings, people can feel like they can put their mobile phones away and actually interact with the people physically around them. 

9. Risk is available in a wide variety of themes (something for everyone).

Risk - Game of Thrones edition
Barry Barnes /

For many years now, Risk has been available in a variety of themes. That means that you can choose themes that appeal to the specific group you are arranging a social gathering with. Some options include Star Trek Edition, Star Wars Edition, Game of Thrones Edition, Risk Black Ops, Risk Walking Dead Edition, and many more. It would be hard not to find a theme that makes for a fun party gathering.

10. Risk is a no-pressure game that can take several languid hours.

If you are having a relaxed social gathering like a barbeque, you might want to set the game up, form teams, and play the game languidly over the course of the gathering. This means that people have the opportunity to break away from the conversation to strategically plan their next move. It is a totally relaxed way to play and is often enjoyed this way. 

11. Playing Risk helps people to relax and unwind.

Arriving at a social gathering can sometimes be overwhelming (as well as exciting). Most people have a drink and walk around to blow off some steam before they actually relax and unwind. Risk provides the perfect opportunity to do that. Arrive, play a bit of Risk and then get to eating dinner, having drinks, or getting involved in some of the other activities. 

12. Risk provides that “something to do” element to a social gathering.

It is sometimes nice to have something to do at a party or social gathering. Some people play darts, video games, watch music videos, dance, or similar. If you want something that is a little more mentally charged and gets people interacting a bit more, playing Risk is a good option. 

13. Risk and other board games help to release “feel good” hormones.

Playing board games actually releases endorphins in the brain. When these endorphins are released, people feel good about themselves and others, and can generally relax and have fun. Is not this precisely how you want your guests to feel at your social gathering?

Illustration of friends playing a board game

14. Playing Risk helps to enhance creativity and confidence.

Everyone wants to feel creative and confident while socializing. By playing a game like Risk, people have the opportunity to feel creative in their thought processes and confident about their strikes and counter strikes. Most board games leave people feeling this way and are, therefore, a good entertainment feature to have a party/gathering.

15. Playing Risk provides a reason for the group to meet again in the future.

If you are enjoying yourself and want the group to meet up again, playing a board game is a great way to do that. People can meet up again to have a rematch or to challenge a new team or even break a new record. Playing Risk provides the opportunity to make future plans and also gives people something to look forward to. 

In closing

If you have been looking for reasons to include a game of Risk at your next social gathering, now you have 15! Consider each of the reasons and decide for yourself if Risk is the game for you and your family/friends. And most important of all; have fun!

JC Franco

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