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15 Reasons Nokia’s Snake Game Is One of the Best Games Ever

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

How would you describe an amazing game? Is it by the fluidity of the gameplay, the availability of different variants, or the lessons available to be learned? Here, we’ll tell you just how amazing the Nokia Snake game is. 

Nokia is considered one of the best games ever due to the sentimental value the game holds for its players; this is peculiar to millennials whose earliest memory of a cell phone is the Nokia. This game is also one of the best because of the different variants, levels, bonuses, and upgrades available. 

Although several other Snake games have been introduced after the Nokia Snake game, only a few have attained the standard that Nokia has set. 

The following qualifications are based on the mechanics of the game and the value it holds for the players. The reasons discussed here are why the average player will choose to play the Nokia Snake game repeatedly instead of trying out another game.

These are 15 reasons why Nokia’s Snake game is one of the best games ever:

1. The Nokia Snake Game is Revolutionary

When Nokia introduced the Nokia cellphone, being able to talk to people far and wide was fascinating, but the included Snake game ushered in a new age. It was the first time we had access to playing games anywhere and anytime instead of waiting on game boxes.

The ability to play games anytime and anywhere is why the Nokia Snake game will remain a classic and one of the best games ever made.

2. The Snake Game Had an Entire Generation Hooked

The games we have these days are only popular among gamers. Nokia’s Snake game had a different and more vast effect; it hooked an entire generation. Children and even adults spent time on their mobile phones trying to beat the levels in the game.

3. The Game Has Been Able to Evolve with The Years

As fascinating as the Nokia game is, it would be lost in time if it didn’t evolve with the changing times. Some of these changes included color schemes, the addition of barriers, and making the later versions of the game more realistic than the first version. This upgrade is why people still find the game intriguing even today.

4. The Nokia Game is Readily Accessible

Unlike in recent times, some games would have to be bought from an app. The Snake game is free as long as you have access to the internet.

5. The Nokia Game is Not Restricted to the Classic Nokia Mobile Alone

There is a popular misconception that players can only play the Snake game on the classic Nokia phone, and this is not true. The Snake game has evolved to the point where players can now play it on android and iOS phones. This growth proves that the game is evergreen and is still very popular among gamers.

6. It Helped to Form Bonds Between Children and their Parents 

The Nokia Snake game is also special because since only adults had access to mobile phones then, children had to ask the adults for their phones so they could play the game.

The game fostered healthy relationships between parents and children. Children were able to have conversations freely with their parents, aunties, or uncles so that they would allow them to play the Nokia Snake game.

7. The Game Gave Players a Better Understanding of the Importance of Good Graphics in Gaming

The Snake game did not only get us hooked when playing. The excitement began from the game’s launch screen. The waiting period involved as the graphics popped up ushered in many graphic designers’ first real experience with graphics and design. 

Through this, we understand how important it is for a game’s design to be captivating even before you start playing.

8. The Game Fostered Social Engagements

One thing that makes the Nokia Snake amazing is how it still allows people to relate even while on the phone. Several later versions of the Nokia Snake games had multiplayer modes. In this mode, different players could interact even during the game.

9. There are Zero Copyright Issues Since No One Person Owns the Snake Game.

One of the immense benefits of the Snake game is that there is almost no copyright issue. We understand that you’d think that Nokia owns the game because it is known as the Nokia Snake game, but this is not true. 

There is no sole owner for the Snake game, and this is why it is possible to have the different variations of the Snake game that we have now. This factor is one of the reasons the game has become so popular and accessible to everyone.

10. The Snake Game Has a Wide Reach

When you talk about influence and usage in gaming, the Snake game is one of the games that should come to mind. The game is available on pretty much all mobile phones.

11. It has a Maximum Point

One intriguing fact about the Nokia Snake game is that while it might look like reaching the end of the game is impossible, it has a maximum point for each level. This point is where the Snake takes up every corner of the screen with nowhere else to turn.

On level one, the highest point is 312, and on level 9, it is 2008.

12. The Snake Game Was Pre-Installed 

Most games from the 2000s required you to download them before you could have access. However, the Nokia Snake game is different. This game is already pre-installed. You have to turn on your mobile device, launch, and play the game. 

As long as you purchased a Nokia phone, you can be sure the Snake game would come with it without you needing to download the game from the internet.

13. The Nokia Snake Game Required No Internet Connectivity

This is a fascinating reason why the Nokia Snake game is one of the best games ever. Since the early 2000s, it has been common to see games that require access to the internet before you can play the game. 

With the Nokia Snake, whether you have a working Internet connection or not, you don’t need to worry about anything. 

14. It Brings Back that Nostalgic Feeling Everyone Loves

Playing the Snake game takes you back to when things were easier and simpler. It reminds you of the younger days when all you had to worry about was having fun as a child. 

While we understand that it is quite easy to forget what your childhood felt like, we recommend giving the Nokia Snake game a chance. Just a few minutes you’d spend playing it can take you back. 

15. The Snake Game is a Great Way to Relax

After a long day of stress, one of the easiest ways to relax is to lay back and play games. The Nokia Snake game is a great choice because it does not require much physical activity. It relaxes the brain and the mind as you pass through the obstacles in the game. 

This simple feature and benefit make it undoubtedly worthy of being one of the best games ever created!

Final Thoughts

We all have preferences for choosing games we would qualify as the best. However, we must acknowledge that the Nokia Snake game set the pace for what we have come to know as mobile games. 

The Nokia Snake game is one of the first globally accepted mobile games. Mobile games, as we know, may not be where they are today if Nokia and Taneli Armanto did not give the Nokia Snake game a chance to be great.

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