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13 Reasons Why Minecraft Is So Addictive (And What To Do About It)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Gamesver Team and JC Franco

Several studies have found evidence that many video games can improve your social skills, problem-solving skills, as well as your processing speed. Minecraft is known to be one of the best video games to improve all of these skills. However, Minecraft is known to be very addictive. Why is Minecraft so addictive, and can you do something about it?

People get addicted to Minecraft because of the feeling of independence, self-esteem issues, multiplayer options, fun, the community, and influencers. Other reasons include education, the simplicity of the game, and constantly enhancing problem-solving skills.

Minecraft is an addictive game for many reasons, and luckily, there are some things you can do to limit your game time. Continue reading as we discuss several reasons why Minecraft is so addictive and what you can do about it!

1. Minecraft Is Easy To Play

New Minecraft players have no lengthy instruction manual, and they do not have to sit through a demo of the game. Minecraft stimulates the trial-and-error process without having to use tutorials. 

You, as the player, can find out what things work together and combine different things to create new things. It may give players a sense of purpose, especially if they feel like they do not have a sense of purpose in real life.

2. Minecraft Has Loads Of Influencer Impact

Several social media influencers have published revises on Minecraft. Millions of watchers also have Youtube accounts dedicated to playing Minecraft regularly. 

These Youtube videos receive millions of views, luring more people into playing the game.

3. Minecraft Helps With Self-Esteem Issues

Each player’s main task in Minecraft is to survive all the problems, striving to accomplish every mission while staying safe. 

Aiming to complete each mission, players have to find specific resources, including coal and iron, axes, ovens, and shovels. 

Some of these can be used to protect the player’s territory and personal uses. This makes the player feel like they have accomplished something, getting addicted to the feeling.

4. Minecraft Gives Players A Sense Of Independence

As you gain experience in Minecraft, you have the option to buy sheep, chickens, and cows. You can start building barns and houses. 

You can protect your belongings from intruders and enemies who want to sabotage you, becoming more powerful. 

Consequently, the feeling of Independence becomes too sweet, and you start to spend more time on the game.

5. Minecraft Feeds The Need To Survive

Another reason why we become addicted to Minecraft is because it consists of the fun of survival while removing the fear of possible mortality.  

6. Minecraft Allows You To Imagine Something And Create It

Minecraft offers a direct challenge: You can imagine something, gather all the resources you need, and build it. 

Minecraft is so addictive because you get to see something go from conception to creation. You can take any idea and make it with blocks right before your eyes.

7. Minecraft Has Fun Multiplayer Options

When you play Minecraft online, you can choose from millions of other players to connect to your world, or they can connect to yours. 

This is especially applicable to people who struggle with making friends or social conventions. 

It becomes less lonely for these people, as they feel they have the chance to make friends virtually.

8. Minecraft Compensates For Not Being Financially Independent

The most significant number of Minecraft players are still financially dependent on their parents. Therefore, playing Minecraft seems like an easy yet effective way to become independent

However, players tend to become double dependent, not only on their parents but also on Minecraft. The situation can worsen over time, and things can get out of control.

9. Minecraft Gives A Feeling Of Curiosity And Risk

Some people strive to replace real-life experiences and events with online ones. In fact, so much so that these people do not even realize how addicted they have become. 

Many in-game rewards, easy progression, the rapid development of events, and many other options make people fulfilled and excited!

10. Minecraft Has A Great Community

When it comes to Minecraft, players get constant notifications about new features, skins for their avatars, and new objects in the game. The continuous messages will pop up on the screen, whether players are already playing Minecraft or not.

Minecraft is very interactive, luring players to spend more time in the game.

11. Minecraft Can Be Used As An Education Tool

Children are quick learners, and playing Minecraft allows them to discover how things work. 

Children can develop lifestyle, social, and management skills, which can become addictive and lead to excessive playing time. 

This could result in parents getting frustrated because children can develop behavior issues if they are not allowed to spend as much time in the game as their parents let them. 

This could cause parents to blame Minecraft, the game itself, instead of limiting their children’s playing times.

12. Minecraft Is Fun

Minecraft offers an exciting plot, appealing gameplay, and several other factors that contribute to the fun of the game. 

Once the player succeeds with one stage, it’s on to the next one. Minecraft can last for eternity unless the player is strong-willed enough to stop playing.

13. Minecraft Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

Minecraft encourages its players to be creative while finding solutions to difficulties. 

Because you have to find everything out on your own, it enables you to think outside the box, enhancing your problem-solving abilities in real life.

What To Do If You Are Addicted To Minecraft

When you notice yourself spending more and more time on Minecraft, neglecting your responsibilities, you may need to consider that you are addicted to Minecraft. Luckily, there are four easy steps you can take to limit your time on the game and possibly stop playing it:

Step 1: What Is Your Reason For Playing Minecraft?

Take some time to yourself and think about your motivation to play Minecraft and why you want to stop. 

The more clarity you have on why you are playing the game excessively, the easier it will be for you to take some action to stop it.

Step 2: Start With A 90-Day Detox

The next step you can take to quit Minecraft is to start with a 90-day detox. Taking a break for 90 days from Minecraft will help you break the bad habits you have developed. 

You may find it helpful to completely delete Minecraft from your devices so that you won’t have the temptation right before you. 

Although it may sound intimidating, it will be well worth it if you decide to commit yourself fully to improving your life.

Step 3: Find Other Activities

You have to replace your time playing Minecraft with other activities you take an interest in. if you only enjoy Minecraft because of its creative aspect, it may be best to find other hobbies that allow you to get creative.

Step 4: Never Be Afraid To Find Help

Keep in mind that lots of people struggle with playing too much Minecraft. You are never alone, and support is available without judgment.

Last Word

Now that you know all the reasons Minecraft is so addictive, you can assess yourself. If you seem like you may have a problem, you can take all the necessary actions to get help before it is too late. Remember, you are not alone, and support is always closer than you think!

JC Franco

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